Success Stories

Charlie's Jaw Repair & Emaciation Recovery

Charlie, from Waverly Animal Shelter, was discovered as an emaciated stray with a severely broken jaw. He needed major surgery and a brace if he was ever going to have a chance of eating normally and a healthy jaw again. After months of recovery, vet visits, and delicate care CUDDLY and Waverly Animal Shelter were able to raise enough money for Charlie's medical expenses. Photographed on the right is Charlie smiling and looking very handsome after he got his brace off. Donations make dogs,...Read More

Buddy's Journey to Mobility

When Buddy came to Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care, he was in critical and serious condition. He was anemic from blood loss, grossly underweight, and his entire body was infested with fleas. To make matters even worse, he had tape worms and was vomiting rocks that he had been eating in an attempt to survive. Buddy was also unable to walk properly due to his severely disfigured back legs. Buddy's condition did not seem to be improving and his foster mom was beginning to lose hope. ...Read More


Gunner, the bulldog, came to So Cal Bulldog Rescue in July 2014 with Demodex Mange so severe it has caused permanent scarring on his head and neck. So Cal Bulldog Rescue shared Gunner's story with the PoundWishes community, and supporters generously donated more than $2,000 for his treatments. Despite his situation and the pain he was in, his foster mom, said his sweet nature was always apparent, and during the many medicated treatment baths she gave him, Gunner quickly became a best...Read More


Jett was rescued by A.D.O.P.T. just minutes before he was scheduled to be euthanized. He was found as a stray and taken into the shelter for the mandatory stray hold. As soon as his hold was up, he was put on the euthanasia list due to his fearfulness in the shelter. A.D.O.P.T. came across a video of him at the shelter in his kennel rocking back and forth all day, and the group knew they could help him. When A.D.O.P.T. received Jett, he was urinating massive amounts of blood and he had to...Read More

Puerto Rican Street Dog Recovery

It's Another Feel Good CUDDLY Success Story! We partnered with Defensa Animal de Rincon Puerto Rico so they would be able to help street dogs in Puerto Rico. This is the amazing transformation of one dog in particular Mama Willow. Willow is still on the streets because she is difficult to capture however, sneaking in vet treatments in her meals have improved her health and skin conditions. Her puppy is now healthy as well! 

Lokie Breaks the Chain into a Loving Home

Lokie went from a life chained between a wall and truck, with no love, no walks, and not knowing when or if his next meal was coming, to a life filled with yummy food, play, walks, and lots and lots of love. This beautiful German Shepherd's transformation began when Animals Rule Rescue saved him from this miserable life and gave him the care and rehabilitation he needed. To cover the costs, Animals Rule Rescue needed to raise $1600. They did this in no time with their fundraising campaign...Read More

Maxwell's Story of Survival

In December 2015, Maxwell, a 2 year old American Bulldog mix, was found unresponsive imprisoned in a small crate in an abandoned hotel room in Austin. Maxwell was left alone to slowly die in the room. The exact length of time Maxwell was locked in his crate is unknown, but his body had ceased producing waste. Maxwell's tired, starved body was shutting down. Death was looming. When Animal Cruelty detectives found Maxwell, he was extremely emaciated, dehydrated, and a clear victim of animal...Read More

Gwen's Healing

Little Gwen was found as a stray in Michigan by a good Samaritan who took her to the local shelter hoping that someone would be missing her and would claim her......but sadly, this did not happen. The shelter then contacted NBRAN (National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network) because Gwen needed A LOT of help and she was extremely thin at 22 lbs. It was obvious that she had been on her own for a while. NBRAN's vet thoroughly examined Gwen and found out that she had many things going...Read More

Bailey's Miraculous Road to Healing

Bailey is about 8 years old. She was surrendered because her family could no longer afford to care for her. She came to us on April 28, 2016, weighing only 37 pounds. She should have weighed 60 to 65 pounds. When she was picked at the Humane Society, she was too weak to walk and had to be carried to the car. The vet wasn't sure she would make it through the night. Our wonderful vets and their caring staff members quickly went to work examining Bailey to determine what ailments she might...Read More

Love and Redemption in Rescue

Ainsley Orton Tate is a 5-year-old bulldog who was surrendered by his owner when the little dog's health issues became too much to handle. Bulldogs are known to encounter health problems and the corresponding large vet bills can become unmanageable. After a long gap between appointments, Ainley's groomer was shocked to see the rapid decline that had taken place in his appearance - but thankfully she was able to persuade the owner to relinquish him to rescue. Ainsley was treated for...Read More

Puerto Rican Street Dog Gets a Second Chance

Anasco Rio was found starving in the streets of Puerto Rico.  She was very anemic and malnourished. Unfortunately, there are too many dogs like Anasco Rio on the streets of Puerto Rico. There are more dogs than homes for them, so rescues are working to help them heal and fly them to a family who will appreciate them. Although she was skin and bones at first, now she is a happy and healthy dog looking forward to a wonderful future. Thank you to Defensa Animal de Rincon for saving...Read More

The Face of Rescue

Dexter was rescued with 6 other puppies. These 6 puppies were the only survivors of a 22 puppy litter born from 2 mothers who lived in chains. All of the puppies were born in the dirt. Once the puppies were them safely with the shelter, Dexter was examined and had fleas and worms. He then was discovered to have coccidia diarrhea followed with parvo. Just as Georgia Animal Rescue Defence, Inc- GARD got him over the hump in his parvo treatment, they found him with a bursted snout. Georgia Animal...Read More

Worst Embedded Collar We have Ever Seen

Josie is a 1 year old border collie mix female. She was found emaciated in South Carolina, running down the street with a double choke collar deeply embedded into her neck. It is a wonder that she made it, and certainly a miracle. The collar had almost gone through her jugular vein! She underwent surgery on 8/27 to repair the damage and remove the collar.  On top of the embedded collar, this poor sweet dog was also covered in fleas and extremely malnourished. It's hard to tell with her...Read More

Miss Kiss A Story of Hope

Meet Miss Kiss, a beautiful and innocent young cat who became the target of inexplicable hate. She was found with a blow dart in her head after being shot by a cruel and abusive person. One blow dart was clearly visible, however the vet found a second blow dart tip in a closer examination. The tip pierced the back of her eye, leaving her blind and eventually requiring her eye to be removed.  The cruelty involved with her story sparked mass publicity throughout the Utah town...Read More

Big Love for a Little Cat

Little 'House' needed help to fix a life that has not beenkind to her. She first appeared as a stray to an Operation Pets Alive foster'sdoor, thin and emaciated and dragging an injured limb with an open wound aboveit. House would come and go, and finally her foster was able to catch her andbegin the process of getting her much-needed nourishment. Slowly House began totrust, and her foster was able to get a better look at her wound.When House walked, her toes curl completely back on...Read More

Baby Joyce The Miracle Kitten

Poor Baby Joyce was found as a stray and was extremely injured with no use of her back legs.After many x-rays and vet visits, we were convinced that her back legs would never regain strength. Baby Joyce was placed in a foster home where she received special care. One day during her recovery a miracle happened, Baby Joyce started to recognize touch and movement in her back legs! Although Baby Joyce was still recovering physically from her time on the streets, we were so thrilled to see her get...Read More

Motor Oil Miracle

Sassy was picked up at midnight and rushed into rescue after a desperate call went out. She was drenched in motor oil in a misguided attempt to get rid of her fleas. Her ear had calcified, she was practically blind, and her skin had been ravaged by hundreds of fleas.  Her body was broken, oozing, bloody, and sore, but the regenerative power of rescue saved her from the outrageous neglect she had survived. Today she is living with a loving foster and is looking forward to finding a...Read More

Let Frosty Melt Your Heart

Frosty is a street cat from Puerto Rico who was part of a TNR (trap neuter release) program in Nov 2015. Frosty decided that he liked the 'trap' part and better then the 'release' part and has stayed close to the home of the volunteer who helped him since. Frosty had an awful neck injury that has been difficult to treat on the street. He has been to the vet on three different occasions but continues to scratch the wound. Although Frosty is basically 'friendly' he...Read More

The dog with nine lives.

A good Samaritan reached out to Their Lives Matter Inc. to help a dog named Baxter who had been left a lone in an apartment on and off due a death in the family. Upon arrival, the rescuer found him laying in his own bloody diarrhea. Their Lives Matter Inc. convinced the "owner" to surrender him so they could get him the medical treatment he needed. Baxter had severe hookworms, trichuris infestation, a major fever, and was experiencing convulsions. The vet immediately gave Baxter a...Read More

Annalee healthy and happy!

This sweet girl walked through Animal Ark Rescue's doors from Animal Control. Annalee was nothing but skin and bone, her nails were overgrown, and she was heartworm positive. She had birthed a litter or two of puppies. Despite her neglect Annalee's tail will not stop wagging and all she wants is to be loved. PoundWishes quickly helped Annalee raise $530 of her $500 fundraising goal. She is now safe and fully recovered. Annalee has a full belly, a snuggled blanket, clean water, is flea...Read More

Angel De Lajas Survivor

Angel was saved from the streets of Lajas, Puerto Rico, otherwise known as "dead dog beach". This is a stretch of sand and jungle on the island's Southeastern side where people dump their dogs. Lajas is an hour away from our rescue Defensa Animal de Rincon. Some good Samaritans saw Angel struggling and knew he needed them to be his voice. They immediately posted to Facebook and mentioned if they got enough people to rally together and share Angel's needs, he would soon make it...Read More

Surrounded by Love

Meet Jewels. She spent all 9 years of her life outside being used as a breeding machine.  Her owners watched as her tumor grew and grew and did nothing about it.  Thankfully, a family member stepped in and worked to make sure that Jewels made her way into rescue to get the help that she so desperately deserved.  Without this family member looking out for her, we don't know what would have happened to her and we're so grateful for them being her angel and...Read More

Calle flys to his forever home.

Poor Calle was found weak and severely malnourished, abandoned on a highway in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Tourists driving from the San Juan Airport to Rincon graciously decided to help him out. They found Calle's sweet demeanor and appreciation of their kindness truly heartwarming, as he loving came up and kissed their faces.After feeding Calle, he curled up and fell asleep on the lap of his new friends. In many cases, caring individuals have the love but not the funds necessary to rescue dogs...Read More

A Miraculous Intervention

Meet Mr Bean - He was rescued from the Downey Shelter within a couple hours of being euthanized due to his medical status. The shelters did not have the resources to care for such sick animals.We got a call from the shelter late in that afternoon asking if we could take him, as he was sick and they would PTS if we don't take him ASAP. SCBR volunteers immediately stepped into action rushing through LA traffic to pick him up in time and get him to our...Read More

Age is Just a Number

Moses had a lot of medical issues that weren't addressed in his younger years and left him in an acute need of medical care to fix his eyes, dental care and heartworm treatments to prepare him to be adopted. Moses had one surgery to fix his eyes, do the dental work and neuter him to save him the stress of multiple surgeries.  We were too late to help him much for his deformed legs that were either broken or he was born with and grew deformed with no treatments to fix when...Read More

From Dog Fighting to Family Dog

At the tender age of 2, Tyson had known nothing but a life of pain and misery.  We rescued Tyson from the shelter; he was rescue only and at risk of euthanasia.  One of our dedicated volunteers went to the shelter right away and brought him straight to our vet.  The second we took a look at Tyson, we could see how rough of a life he has had.  His face and neck was covered in dried blood and puncture wounds.  We weren't sure what his...Read More

Handsome and Healed

Hommie has always been cute, but his life has been pretty bad for the past couple years.  Hommie came to rescue as an owner surrender at 8 years old. Because of his families' circumstances, they weren't able to afford any medical care for quite a while. He had been suffering with ear infections until he was surrendered to rescue as his last chance option.  As a result of years of untreated infections, Hommie's ears are now almost closed from infections and to...Read More

Better Together

Chip and Dale were a bonded pair who needed medical treatment and surgery. Southern California Bulldog Rescue kept them side by side and after healing, they were adopted together. Today they are living the good life in Northern California and doing wonderfully.  

Puppy with a High Premium

Petey was just a few months old and had already been though a lot in his short life. 'Bad break' is more than just a cute term here since he really did break his rear leg. Accidents often happen to young pups as they play and rough house while becoming part of a family. Sadly, one accident for Petey led to him being brought a local vet to be euthanized due to a femoral (hind leg) fracture. The surgery is costly, the time to heal can be several weeks and inconvenient for a family to deal...Read More

Rescued and Retired

Tyson was 11 years old and surrendered by his owners that were no longer able to care for him - the option recommended by most was to put to sleep or leave at a shelter.Lucky for Tyson, he had someone that was a friend and reached out to rescues to get him help and found So Cal Bulldog Rescue.   What we noticed first was the mass on his size that needed to be removed and secondly that he was a senior dog that really needed help as soon as possible. Tyson went into surgery for a...Read More

Furry and ready for a Furrever home!

Ash is in Guanica, Puerto Rico and was found in this condition a month ago in a very dangerous area. The person who feed him did not have the financial resources to help him and posted a video on Facebook seeking for help. Ash is around 8 months not older than one year old, very sweet but his skin is in very bad condition with hair loss, redness on some areas and possible infection.He was scheduled to be rescued 11/4/16 and was taken to the vet clinic for a check up, to get flea...Read More

Hope, a true survivor.

Hope was found tied to a tree with half of her face infested with maggots in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Unfortunately finding dogs tied up and abandoned in this condition happens all too often in Jamaica. Hope came to founder Tammy Browne on a Sunday, when no vets were available. Luckily Tammy is a Veterinarian Technician and was able to start hydrating and cleaning her up right away. Hope was so incredibly weak, and the maggots were so awful however, she still managed to show appreciation by...Read More

Wild Man and His New Pack

Wild Man was rescued after an elderly breeder relinquished 11 huskies. Many of the huskies were in poor condition after being kept in crates and having extremely limited time outdoors. Green Hills Animal Shelter stepped in when a friend of the breeder asked for help and took 5 dogs on their first visit and an additional 6 on their second.  Once in rescue, Wild Man was found to have a mass on his body that veterinarians believe is an undescended testicle that could be cancerous. He is...Read More

Hulk's Journey & Foster Failure

Animal Control had been called to confiscate Hulk from his previous owners who were neglecting this sweet bulldog. Hulk is a loving 112 pound bulldog who unfortunately was placed in a kill shelter and was next in line to be euthanized. He had been in the shelter for a long while and needed to be rescued immediately! Hulk is a huge boy and was born with shoulder deformities and had an pneumonia while sitting in the kill shelter. It was urgent and Their Lives Matter Inc. stepped up and save Hulk...Read More

Sadie, Saved From Death.

Sadie was saved from death from a very rural high kill shelter in Florida. She was heartworm positive, had double ear infections and tapeworms,  and tested positive for tick-borne disease. Their Lives Matters Inc.'s need of funds for Sadie were large, but they were still able to raise $1,740 out of Sadie's $1,700 goal with PoundWishes!Soon after, Sadie fully recovered and found a forever home. Here is a message from her rescuers at Their Lives Matter Inc. when they got the great...Read More

Attacked, Saved, and Healed.

Sampson was found hiding in the drain pipe at the end of his rescuers driveway. He was shaking and clearly scared to death, he's been attacked by the neighborhood dogs, has mange and severe worms. He is adorable but has found himself abandoned, injured, unhealthy and in need of vet care. Thankfully the drain Sampson coward in was in front of a home that would not let him suffer. PoundWishes was quickly able to raise him $500 for his vet visits and rehabilitation. Sampson's medical...Read More

Miracle Molly & Her Emergency Surgery

Molly was found on the streets of Miami. She is a senior and was found with a huge hernia. She seemed to have suffered for a very long time. Molly's entire small/large intestines, kidneys, liver and spleen were in the hernia. Luckily the vet said she could be saved if she fought through and survived the intense surgery. PoundWishes was able to raise $1,634 out of her $1,500 fundraising goal within 24 hours for her urgent surgery! Little Molly fought through and survived her major...Read More

Donny Domes Finds His Home.

Donny Domes was named after a famous surf spot in Rincon Puerto Rico, Domes Beach. On Jan 4th, he was sighted alone, hungry, sick, but friendly (with people and dogs) on Domes Beach.  After being featured in several social media posts, it was clear Donny Domes had been at the beach alone for several days and likely was dumped there. People know the surf beaches are likely spots for rescues to happen. In this instance, it was true. A beautiful, local family saw a social media post and...Read More

A Leg Up

At the young age of 3, Billy was turned into the shelter as a "stray" dog with severe bite wounds on his head, neck and front left leg.  The leg wound and bites are so bad and have been left untreated for so long that it looked like his leg might need to be amputated to prevent the current infection from going septic and taking his life.  He was in an immense amount of pain and anguish due to the neglect of his former owner. After so much neglect from humans, Billy was...Read More

Barbie's Dream Home

Barbie was abandoned in the country and was wandering alone until she was lucky enough o be picked up by a kind Samaritan. She was struggling with her and Boston Terrier of North Texas drove her 200 miles to get her the medical help she needed. Despite her femur being broken, she was still happy and playful- with a special fondness for her tennis ball.The only way to fix her femur was to re-break it, straighten it, and add a plate and screws. After capturing the hearts of PoundWishes'...Read More

Shelby's Success

Shelby is a stray that chose a new home with a nice family that already had animals and children. They were willing to give her a home, but were not able to afford the medical bills that are needed for her surgery. They were not looking for another animal, but felt bad for her situation and great need. She remained a happy girl in spite of the burden she carried. The family contacted Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care for help. We of course were willing to step in the help Shelby and...Read More

Rescued Near Death, Saved & Love For Life.

Evergreen was found in Everglades National Park by a Ranger who saw her exhausted and walking into bushes to rest. This loving dog was dumped in the East District of Everglades where there are nothing but canals and swamps. She is senior American Bulldog, around 10 years old. Evergreen was quickly taken to Aussie Animal Hospital for a full evaluation and had two mammary gland tumors that need to be removed, hypothyroidism, needed to be spayed, and was highly emaciated, just skin and bones....Read More

Picture Perfect Puppy

She was only four weeks old when this endearing American Eskimo dog/Chihuahua mix earned her regal name: Princess. Surrendered to us by a woman unable to afford her care, poor Princess was suffering from a prolapsed rectum. Although our vet successfully "tucked everything" back in, the condition had already existed for a week, raising the possibility of some dead or dying tissue. Princess was fighting for her life, but thanks to the heroic efforts of Utah Valley Animal Rescue, she is...Read More

Rocky's Road to Recovery!

Rocky showed up as a stray in a good Samaritans backyard. He has lost one eye and had very poor vision in the other, he also was extremely skinny and weak. The person whose yard Rocky strolled into had really fallen in love with him however, did not have the funds to transport or take him to a vet. The good samaritan called Defensa knowing they would immediately agree to rescue Rocky.A Defensa volunteer helped with the transportation request and got Rocky to his first vet visit. Rocky's eye...Read More

A Song in Banjo's Heart

Banjo came to Puyallup Animal Rescue from an abusive situation in Easter Washington. This little boy had been living his life on a chain, being starved and kicked until his owner was turned into the authorities and Banjo was rescued. For several months, Banjo was in foster care. Everyone he meets fell in love with him. He is cuddly, calm, playful, and sweet. We knew he would make a family very happy someday. Unfortunately, he was not adoptable. When he first came to us he was not able to...Read More

The Power of Faith

Meet Faith. She was named because we want to redeem her faith in people.  This precious girl was treated as no dog, or any living creature for that matter, should ever be treated. A Good Samaritan was driving down the road in Buena Park, CA and noticed a wire dog crate on the side of the road.  Plenty of people drove past this crate, maybe even walked past it, and did nothing, but thankfully this angel did stop and look.  What she discovered was 2 dogs (one was Faith) shivering...Read More

Highway Stray to Healthy Forever Home

Meet Ziggy. Ziggy was just a baby at 12 weeks old when he was found lying in a busy street for hours barely able to move, very sick with what the vet described as the most extreme case of ear mites they have ever seen. If that wasn't enough for this poor baby, he also has Sarcoptic Mange, Hookworm, and Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He has having trouble keeping his balance and walking straight.The good news is that all of Ziggy's medical issues are treatable! His rescuer did everything...Read More

A bait dog finds his happily ever after

Edwin was seized by the Chicago Police Department back in November 2015 during a raid on a known dog fighter's residence. Edwin was in the worst shape of all of them. He was emaciated, his left eye appeared to be caved in, his scrotum was black from acid burn, and his skin was in varied stages of disintegration. His face, neck and front legs were covered in infected holes, from dogs biting and clawing at his face. His back legs and sheath were weak and appeared elongated from being...Read More

From The Streets to Bacon Treats

Oscar was rescued from the streets of Vega Alta in Puerto Rico. His back had been burned, and he was suffering from a severe infection. Oscar's rescue, Santuario de Animales San Francisco de Asis, Inc., was dedicated to helping Oscar heal. Vets were able to remove all of his infected skin, and he was treated with bandages and medicine twice a day. He also had an old lesion in one of his front legs that caused a twist in it, as well as the shadow (or mark) of a collar on his neck...Read More

From Bait Dog to Babysitter

Lovable Zur is a 5 year old terrier mix who is about 55 lbs. Found in a remote area in Hatillo, Puerto Rico Zur was spotted by a kind woman who started feeding him until he was comfortable enough to be rescued. His body was covered in lacerations which appear to be bite marks, a sign of fighting, maybe a bait dog considering how friendly Zur is. His eyeballs were red, full of blood and look so tired. This guy has been through a lot. What exactly, we don't know but we can tell you it...Read More

Clear Skies Ahead

Shamrock is a Yorkie mix and a gem!  He was surrendered along with several other dogs who were adopted, but Shamrock was overlooked because of his vision impairment.  He had cataracts that were causing problems seeing. His vision problems were the only thing that stood in the way of a happy life. He had no vision at all because his cataracts were so severe.It was obvious that the total loss of vision was recent because he tripped and hit everything. He had not adapted to being...Read More

Eddie & His Forever Boy Dexter

Eddie was found wandering in the street on 413 looking dirty and sick. Someone took a photo of him and posted it online to see if anyone could pick him up and Defensa Animal De Rincon stepped up. However, they didn't have a crate or a leash for a dog his size. They met up with Debbie Marchant who generously lent Defensa what we needed. As soon as Eddie got to the house, there was a visible change in him. You could see how relieved he was to be safe and taken care of. Eddie must have been a...Read More

From Starving to Striving

Momma Mabel and her sweet puppies were found in a wooded area off of a gravel road. They were abandoned, starving, covered in mange, fleas, ticks and left without any hope. Pound pullers arrived to find Mabel and her female puppy Beatrice. They were able to scoop up the little baby and after many attempts to capture Mabel, they just could not get her, but they knew they had to get the puppy to safety as soon as possible. When the puppy was safe and sound, Pound Pullers headed back to the...Read More

Puppy Mill Survivor Lucky's Strength & Recovery

Lucky is an eight month old, eight pound, toy poodle, that was rescued from a puppy mill on 2/10/17.  She was slated to be killed because she had something wrong with her hip. Puppy mill breeders were going to take the life of a sweet precious soul. On 2/17/17, Lucky was taken to Colonial Veterinary Hospital in Ithaca, NY and it was determined that Lucky's hip injury was in fact an old fracture that went untreated. How does a SWEET eight month old eight pound toy poodle fracture a...Read More

Halo is now happy and healing from her gunshot wound

Sweet Pea had been in a wooded area for 3 days before she could be found. She had a gunshot wound on her hind quarters where a bullet cut through the muscle and came out the other side.  It is obvious that the large exit wound was very painful for this gentle girl, as she was very sensitive around that area.  Sweet Pea, renamed Halo by her foster mom, has fully recovered from her gunshot wounds but still has deep emotional scars. Foster mom continues to give Halo a lot of...Read More

Survived from Parvo and has new Parents of her own

Violet  is a sweet and loving little Dachshund mix. When Pound Pullers first rescued her, she was only 5 pounds at 11 weeks old.  Violet was found dumped out on a rural road in remote Laclede County, Missouri.  Pound Pullers took her into their foster care rescue with the intent of getting her fully vetted and then finding her a loving fur-ever home.  Suddenly one night,  Violet's foster mom had to rush her to the vet as she was lethargic, vomiting, and had...Read More

Unbound From Cruelty

Caleb is 3 year-old Chow mix that was wandering the streets of Pomona, California. He was found by a Good Samaritan that discovered something horrific. Caleb had a rubber band bound around his muzzle and was suffering tremendously. He was rushed to the Inland Valley Humane Society where vets began medical intervention immediately. They concluded that Caleb had been muzzled with a tight rubber band for more than a week! It was cutting off circulation and dug into the skin. After starting a...Read More

Noah's New Life Without Chains

When the Humane Society of Manatee County heard about Noah, they immediately went to pick him up and bring him to our facility for the much needed care he would require per the description from the County.When the Humane Society entered the facility to pick up Noah, they found a very emaciated dog with extreme hair loss due to demodex mange. The medical team at the Humane Society examined Noah and found out that he was Heartworm positive and from the first exam he appeared to have additional...Read More

Our Darling Clementine

Sweet Clementine is a senior Basset Hound that was surrendered by her owners. She and her brother O'Mally were left all alone at a high kill shelter. Clementine was completely blind due to a serious infection in both of her eyes. The trauma her eyes endured form lack of care and treatment surpassed the point of being healed with medication. Clem's only saving grace was her brother. O'Mally had been acting as her very own seeing eye dog!Priceless Pets Rescue discovered the two...Read More

No Longer a Lost Boy

Peter Pan went to Louisiana Baby Mommas at 4 weeks old with an interior and exterior cleft palate; a condition requiring multiple complicated surgeries. Peter Pan was surrendered by a breeder who didn't want to provide the expensive procedures. Louisiana Baby Mommas had to drive 4 hours to rescue him and they couldn't believe what they saw. This was the worst cleft palate deformity they had ever seen. Peter Pan had his 3 surgeries that were...Read More

A Little Bit of Hope & Faith

Sisters Hope and Faith were discovered in southern Missouri in the back part of a rental property by the new renter. The girls were locked in a small wire crate with a board on top of it for "shelter." The owners had placed cardboard around the crate so the girls couldn't be seen from outside the property. The only reason these two survived was thanks to an elderly couple who threw them table scraps over the top of the fence. The girls only were provided water when it rained and the...Read More

Ghost's Boo-tiful New Life

Ghost is a sweet Shepard who was found roaming the streets in South Carolina. Neighbors noticed her roaming the streets at night, but she would disappear during the day. She had been roaming for weeks with a mangled front leg. Animal control was called, however they could not catch her, she was too smart! Soon her rescue and their amazing group of volunteers came up with a plan. They set up a very large net in the woods where Ghost retreated to during the day. The rescuers made sure to feed her...Read More

Life is Golden, Thanks to Rescue

Sweet Maya came to Golden Retriever Rescue Alliance as an owner surrender at around 3 years old. She is the sweetest girl but unfortunately, Maya suffers from severe allergies. As you can see from the photos, her skin was severely irritated and her ears are swollen shut. Her tummy is black because of her skin irritation. Golden's should never have black tummies. Maya was evaluated by a veterinary dermatologist, but she needed further allergy testing. This poor girl was so itchy and...Read More

Maybelle's Miracle

Little Miss Maybelle had wandered onto a Good Samaritans porch seeking out help from humans. Luckily, she picked the right porch, the people called Animal Control and they came to save her. The Animal Control officer brought Maybelle to Okefenokee Humane Society where she would get the care she needed. She was extremely weak, sick and malnourished. Okefenokee quickly discovered that her poor tummy and intestines were jam packed full of worms and parasites. She was suffering from a rectal...Read More

Saving Serenity

Sweet Serenity is a Pit Bull that was saved by Corpus Christi Texas animal control. She was surrendered by her owner in horrible condition. Serenity had severe sarcoptic mange, which her owners attempted to treat by covering her in motor oil. Covering a dog in motor oil is never a proper treatment method, it is a false myth. She also tested positive for parvo and had an eye condition that left her eyelid inverted, causing her eyelashes to scrape her eye, which was extremely painful. She would...Read More


Momma Mabel and her sweet puppies were found in a wooded area off of a gravel road. They were abandoned, starving, covered in mange, fleas, ticks and left without any hope. Pound pullers arrived to find Mabel and her female puppy Beatrice. They were able to scoop up the little baby and after many attempts to capture Mabel, they just could not get her, but they knew they had to get the puppy to safety as soon as possible. When the puppy was safe and sound, Pound Pullers headed back to the...Read More

The calm after the Storm

For most of his life, Stormy was kept in a garage without sunlight, without kind attention from humans, or much interaction at all. He was forced to mate, fight, and was constantly tortured so that his body was more appealing to other fighting dogs. He was used as bait and was never given a chance to rest, or heal completely.  When Almost Home-No Kill Shelter saved Stormy from his abuser, it was evident that Stormy was just hanging on by a thread. He had been stabbed multiple times all...Read More

Poplolly Is Now Pain Free!

Poplolly was 8 weeks old when she was surrendered to Road Dogs & Rescue from a breeder and was found suffering from a perforated eyeball. Poor breeders are often commercial operations where profit is placed above the well-being of animals. Bred without consideration of genetic quality, this produces generations of dogs with unchecked hereditary defects. Poplolly's condition is most likely due to overbreeding.When Poplolly was found, she was so young that the vet and her rescue had a...Read More

Lady Shoshanna's Magical Transformation

We are excited to announce CUDDLY first horse fundraiser is now our very first horse Success Story! Lady Shoshanna was saved by Defensa Animal de Rincon in Puerto Rico. They found her with thousands of ticks all over her malnourished body. She had been tied to a rope with no access to food or water. She was extremely dehydrated and very neglected. When Defensa first approached her they could see the despair in her eyes. When the team got closer to Shoshanna they realized just how bad her...Read More

Miko's Healed in 6 Weeks!

Miko was found abandoned and near death on the back road in the mountains of Puerto Rico. A kind woman posted him on Facebook seeking rescue support when Defensa Animal De Rincon stepped up to save his life.He was incredibly scared of humans when they first picked him up, but his demeanor was still very thankful. Defensa Animal De Rincon were determined to get him healthy and feeling loved. Miko had multiple vet visits and medicated baths, was neutered, and never complained about...Read More

The Heart of a Champion

Champion was once seen as worthless by a backyard breeder, now he means the world to his new forever family! Champion was born into a poor breeding situation; his back legs didn't work and his breeder wanted to put him down. This breeder would not have been able to gain a profit by selling Champ. Luckily, our friends at Barks of Love Animal Rescue and Placement Services saw Champion's worth and took him in when he was only a few weeks old. Research and tests needed to be done...Read More

From The Forest To A Forever Home

Rescue never rests...while on vacation, the founder of Destiny's Road Animal Rescue spotted a stray cat who clearly was abandoned and left behind in the forest. Our founder headed to Petsmart to buy cat supplies, flea/tick preventative, a tick remover, and a cat carrier. This poorboy was covered from head to toe with ticks and fleas. We named him Asher; he was a unneutered male and had not had any vet care in a very long time. Funny how when us rescuers aren't looking for animals,...Read More

Homeless on the Beach to Now Being the King of His New Home

Emaciated and homeless, Jack the Rottweiler mix was found by a popular tourist beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico looking for food and shelter. By his weak emaciated body, his rescuers thought he was a young tiny puppy but soon found out he was almost a full year old.  His friendly nature with both humans, dogs, and even his rescuer's horses and rabbits, lead us to believe he was once someone's pet who was either lost or dumped on purpose. Jack needed immediate medical care to make sure...Read More

Prai's Prayers Were Answered.

"I walked around until I felt I couldn't possibly take another step. The holes in my paws were painful. The worms living inside me took my energy and made me feel weak. But this voice inside told me to keep walking, keep going, keep searching, keep breathing... and then I saw her: a human friend. She gently came over and gave me warmth. She somehow made me feel safe and took me home. And now, I know I can keep fighting."This is the worst type of abuse we have ever seen. One of our...Read More

Making Myah's Dreams Come True

Myah was found wandering the streets of Miami foraging for food. You could count every single bone in her body, she was starving and near death. The vet thinks she was tied up or confined in a very small area, not taken care of. She was covered in her own feces. The vet also confirmed that this is the worst case of animal cruelty he had ever seen. Poor Myah was denied the basic needs in life. Despite the nightmare she experienced, her attitude toward humans was very loving. All she wanted to do...Read More

Karlee's Patience Paid Off

Karlee waited nearly 500 days with Grey Face Rescue and Retirement waiting for her forever family to find her.  During that time with us, she needed to have a TPLO surgery to repair her knee. One rainy day Karlee slipped on a step, she started to limp and was unable to get better.  We set aside her meet and greets, so that she could see the vet, have xrays, and her surgery. With the help of CUDDLY and some very generous donations, Karlee was able to earn the funds that she needed...Read More

Miley Made It!

Miley lived most of her life chained up in a garage, never allowed to play out side or lay in the sunshine. She was bred over and over until her body was about to give up; She was so tired and in so much pain that she could barely find the strength to stand up. When Miley was rescued by Almost Home- No Kill Shelter, they vowed to fight for Miley's rights, determined to make her life better. At 13 years old, Almost Home-No Kill Shelter feared that this would be a difficult task, but thanks...Read More

Pugsley's New Picture Picture Family

Pugsley had arrived at Wyoming County SPCA shelter and was immediately taken to the vet and diagnosed to have a broken jaw. We will never really know what happened to Pugsley but we do know that he had guardian angels looking over him. Although he looked as though he should be in pain, he was taking it all in stride. In order for Pugsley to join his forever home he needed to complete his two reconstructive jaw surgeries and make a full recovery. We created a poundWISH fundraiser and was...Read More

Tears from Rescue

Roscoe was surrendered to a local shelter in January 2017, because he was not wanted anymore. He was adopted the next day by a person who neglected him. A family member took him out of there, and did the same thing! Roscoe needed daily eye drops for his dry eyes, and this simple care was not provided. Six months later, he was blind because of neglect. His eyes were covered with dried gunk, stuck to his eyeballs. Sheree's Dog Rescue made it their mission to take him out of his...Read More

For the Love of Grace

Grace was brought to Almost Home-No Kill Shelter one night by the Police. We never did get to hear her story, her wounds were never explained. The vet could not be sure if she was a victim of abuse or dog fighting, or both. We can only imagine the nightmare she lived and we can only wonder how long she endured it for. Grace seemed to appreciate each kind touch and yearned for love to surround her.  As she recovered, and regained her strength we were able to see the true Grace shine through...Read More

From chemical burns to companionship: Duke's journey

Left for dead on the side of the road in Florida, Duke looked helpless. When we're driving down the highway, we don't expect to see an injured dog on the side of the road. If you do happen to see one, we hope that it wasn't a person who injured that pup. What if you pulled over and found a puppy with chemical burns all over? If you're like Susan, and we know you are, you'd call your local Animal Control to get that pup some help! Duke was lucky when Susan from Pet...Read More

Dena Was Doomed Until Dental Work Saved Her Life

Each of Dena's adoptions had been doomed. She was cranky, angry and mean.  Unfortunately she kept getting returned because she just wasn't what the family had hoped for.  When Green Hills Animal Shelter rescued her, they found her teeth to be in horrible shape. She needed all of her teeth removed due to an extreme infection that antibiotics could not help. Since her surgery, Dena has healed and has found happiness once again.  This time Dena has found a home with a child...Read More

From Hoarding to Forever Homes

Almost Home- No Kill Shelter rescued over 70 cats and kittens from a horrible hoarding situation. The felines were suffering from upper respiratory disease, eye infections, malnutrition and more. None of them were spayed or neutered, but they all needed to be. They all needed care and love, along with medications, and vaccines. Almost Home was able to take them to their rescue and give them the proper care that they needed and get each and every one of them well.  Adoption after...Read More

Justice for Jethro

Jethro was saved from a horrible hoarding situation and unfortunately he needed a bilateral FHO surgery on his hips; his knees buckled with every step he took. We were amazed that he got around as well as he did! Jethro was anemic, likely due to the heavy flea load he had when he was rescued. All of that improved when he became flea free and started getting good nutritious food. Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue saved his life and Jethro was able to have his surgeries and heal properly. He...Read More

A Blind Kitten That Only Sees Love

A volunteer from Candy's Cats received a call about a mama cat and her kittens that had moved into their backyard. They discovered that there were three kittens, Esmeralda and her brothers, Clopin and Phoebus. The kittens were immediately caught and taken in for evaluation. The boys were normal feisty 4-week-old kittens, but Esmeralda had a few medical issues. When Esmeralda was about 7 weeks old, they noticed that her eyes were enlarging slightly. A trip to a veterinary...Read More

Orphan Andy Found His Forever Home

Little Orphan Andy was surrendered by his family when he needed them the most.  Andy had two large kidney stone's that were causing him intense pain along with trouble urinating.  Almost Home took him in to make sure he could get the medical care that he needed and deserved.  Along with receiving medical care, pain medicine and a lot of love and attention; Andy was able to socialize with other pets and interact with kind humans who taught him that it's ok to relax and...Read More

Senior Survives Storm

As with many rescue pets, Sunflower's history was a mystery when she was found in Puntas, Puerto Rico. The one thing that was clear was that this beautiful senior had survived Hurricane Maria on her own. Judging by her grey muzzle and the wisdom in her eyes, Sunflower was thought to be around 10 years old and was going blind and deaf. Despite these obstacles, she was a social butterfly and soaked up all the attention she could get. After surviving such a devastating natural disaster,...Read More

Leaving the Right Tracks

While driving down a road the owner of Road Dogs and Rescue saw men gathered around a dog who has been hit by a car. The dog was bleeding and obviously in pain so she offered to take the young puppy to the vet where she was stabilized. Unfortunately, Xrays showed that her right calcaneous (hock) had been shattered into pieces.  Since she was not wearing a collar or chipped, her information was posted on Lost and Found websites and local shelters, but no one claimed her. She was given the...Read More

From Trauma To True Love

The Pound Pullers of Lebanon Mo saved Wally from a horrific situation. He was chained up outside and left for dead after his owner beat him with a metal pry bar. Wally laid in a pool of his own blood all night long. The trauma from this terrible beating had blood pouring from his eyes, nose and skull. The Pound Pullers Rescue team were trying to get Wally as fast as they could to a vet so that he could be put down peacefully and be able to rest with the angels. Somewhere between his home...Read More

Puppy Ate Dirt to Survive Now he needs our Help

Pico had a hard life at 3 months. The family that was supposed to love, care for and, protect him allowed him to starve. With no choice left Pico's survival instincts kicked in, and he began to eat dirt. In small amounts it wouldn't have been a problem, but the amount he was eating to dissipate the hunger caused major problems for his digestion. He couldn't have bowel movements and it caused his little body to be full beyond measure. Luckily the wonderful people at Broken...Read More

Puddin Walks Into Her New Life

Puddin was surrendered to a shelter in Missouri at approximately 7 years of age. Her previous owners said that she had orthopedic issues since she was a puppy. We had no idea how extremely severe her issues were until she arrived in Maryland after a 2-day long transport journey from MO. Her knees were completely dislocated and she was unable to stand. She would hop along on her rear end like a bunny. Two days after she arrived in rescue, she was examined by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon....Read More

From Fractured Femur to Forever Home

Kenzie was rushed to the emergency vet after being rescued by Almost Home-No Kill Shelter. She had a fractured femur that needed to be repaired right away. When Kenzie returned to the shelter she was very weak; she would not eat or drink and she became very sick. Parvo had taken over! Kenzie then had to recover from her femur repair and fight off parvo at the same time! This sweet girl had the will to live and be loved, and she showed everyone that she was worth it. While she was recovering,...Read More

A Bulldog Who Beat The Odds

When the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue received Ellie she was in very poor condition. She had been abused, bitten and neglected. Ellie had a horrible infection running through her entire body that she struggled to heal from. It was obvious Ellie was used as a bait dog after seeing her wounds and her white fur stained purple. The vet suspected that she could have been dyed purple, so that the people watching the dog fight could tell which dog they had bet on. Nonetheless, Ellie was very weak...Read More

Freedom Flight Leaving All Ticks Behind

Riley was abandoned and searching for food in homestead with hundreds of ticks covered his fragile body. When he was first discovered by his rescuer he knew how important it was to save his life. He reached out to us in hopes of professional help for Riley. As soon as we saw him we knew we had to pick him up. He looked defeated, lost, very confused. We couldn't let this handsome boy suffer anymore. Leigh, Cheryl and small rescuer Brandon drove for almost 2 hours and picked him up from...Read More

Rudy's Second Chance

Rudy was found as a stray who suddenly vanished while her rescuers were looking for her owners. They hoped she had gone home, until two weeks later she appeared starved, and nearly dead. They brought her to Rose Acres Rescue to keep her from being euthanized. She is 8+ years old, was not spayed, not chipped, had poor dental, heart worm positive, severely malnourished, and had shoulder and hip injuries from being struck by a car. Rudy really struggled the first week in our care and...Read More

Saving Sheltie's

Gracie and Dylan came to Their Lives Matter Inc. as a pair who were surrendered by their owners who admitted that they had no time for the dogs and that they wanted them to live a better life. Both Sheltie's conditions were heartbreaking and had clearly lived a previous life a neglect. They weren't vetted for 5 years, were severely matted, and flea infested. After visiting the vet for vaccinations, deworming, heartworm testing, and being fostered by wonderful John who owns...Read More

Rita's Redemption

Imagine being left in a spot by your "family" and you sit day by day waiting for them to return, but they never do.Rita had been seen for a few days in her rescuers neighborhood in front of a house that is only occupied one month out of the year. She would return to that same spot everyday as loyal dogs do, waiting for her human to return.Her rescuer put out some food and water and kept an eye on her because RITA is in heat so the last thing she needs is to be homeless on the streets...Read More

Lylo's Loving New Home

Not how Defensa Animal De Rincon wanted to start off 2018 but when they received an urgent plea to help a tiny kitten found on the 413 near a local business with a missing eye, they jumped right in to help save it's life. Lylo was first thought to be female and was originally named Lyla. After being rushed to the vet they discovered he was male and had started antibiotics for his eye. Slowly healing with the antibiotics Lylo started acting like a normal happy kitten. He was able to...Read More

Marky Has Moved On To Bigger And Better Things

With a new baby on the way and a puppy in the home, Marky ended up in the shelter. He needed to have some Mammary tumors removed and a cherry eye repair done. Almost Home-No Kill shelter worked hard to comfort his heart and rebuild his spirits, and got him the medical treatments that he needed. Marky's new family has fallen head over heels in love with him and they can't wait to spoil this sweet boy in their home. They have already found a vet for him that will monitor his health to...Read More

Brooke's Brave Journey

Brooke found herself living on the streets with her previous owner who was homeless. The owner dropped off Brooke at the Broward (kill) shelter and cried out: "I am homeless, and I don't want her to die!" Brooke is 8 years old and a lab mix, her story broke our hearts and we knew rescue was her only hope.  We agreed to take Brooke in our care and turned to CUDDLY for her fundraising needs. Brooke was going to need donations for temporary quarantine boarding and medical...Read More

Collapsed in the mud, Canela's story of survival.

This young mare was pulled out of mud in the city of Anasco, Puerto Rico on Christmas Day. She was immediately given hydration and medication to help her gain strength. Canela was placed in the best hands and we knew she had the will to survive. After Hurricane Maria, Canela's owner had to be taken to the hospital abruptly. The previous owner then realized they were unable to care for the horses and needed to focus on themselves as well as recovering from the hurricane. Canola and her...Read More

Gypsy's Miraculous Healing

Little Gypsy was found in a small neighborhood in South County Tillamook. It was pouring down rain and she did not seem to move out of one spot for several hours.So the finding person finally brought the tiny dog indoors. They spent the next few hours knocking on doors searching for her home. No such luck...Once the little soaking wet pup was brought into TCAA's care, she was bathed and shaved, as her fur was caked with puss, and blood from countless oozing hotspots covering her small body....Read More

From Near Death To A New Start

Newton was found emaciated, dehydrated, and had frost bite on his toes. His toenails were all falling off one at a time. When Almost Home- No Kill Shelter rescued Newton, they were able to get him to an emergency vet right away. Newton was immediately given antibiotics, IV fluids and was watched over very closely. When Newton was released from emergency care, he was placed in a loving foster home where he was able to regain his strength and health in. He was able to rest a lot and regain his...Read More

Blind Puppy Finds Perfect Home

In a remote village on an island in Southeast Alaska, new homeowners were astonished to discover a sweet, starving mama dog and her seven 4-week-old puppies under their porch in a fish box. In nearly freezing temperatures, it was way too cold for the puppies to be outside. All of the puppies were horribly malnourished and needed immediate medical attention.Upon their arrival in Juneau, veterinarians discovered that due to a congenital defect, three of the puppies were blind. We later found out...Read More

Local Kitty's Life-Changing Procedure

Mugsy was rescued from the street as a very young and malnourished kitten. He was only a few days old and not in the best of shape. His Mama was not taking very good care of him and his siblings so shelter volunteers had to syringe and bottle feed the kittens.Once the kittens were better, they were adopted into new families; except for Mugsy. One day Mugsy started having trouble breathing so he was taken to the vet where they learned what was wrong. Unfortunately, Mugsy was diagnosed with a...Read More

Mama and baby together forever!

3 poodles were dumped in the streets near Dog Rescue Thailand's shelter. There were two adults and one puppy, whom was assumed to be their baby. They were in very bad condition and were full of ticks and fleas. They had been clearly neglected for an extensive amount of time and needed immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, the adult male poodle was too sick and passed away.. leaving his female partner and baby behind. The mama and baby poodle slowly began to improve with a lot of...Read More

Boo Finds love

We can't imagine the fear Boo felt when we found her alone, injured, and hungry. Boo was found shaking, with a gaping hole in her hind quarters. Las Cruces Animal Control picked up Boo on the side of the road early December and took her to the municipal shelter. She had two terrible wounds on her back end. The wounds were old and most likely from a larger dog biting her on her hind end, though veterinarians are not sure about the exact cause. The first tactic was to see if the wounds...Read More


KiKi lived a full life with what he thought was his fur-ever family. At 11 years old, deaf, and one eyed, he was discarded. What could such a sweetheart do to be abandoned, and left to fend for himself on the streets.Kiki came to us here at Almost Home Rescue from a local shelter after he had been picked up. He was severely emaciated, most likely because he was unable to find food in the dead of winter. He is older, estimated at 11 years old, deaf, has one eye, and came in with a severe upper...Read More

From The Dump To A Devoted Family

Ina was found in a dump yard, extremely pregnant and very sick. When Ina was rescued by The Rescue Crew, her entire body was full of infection, she was about to have puppies and desperate for medical attention. Ina was finally able to relax after her rescue, which allowed her to give birth to her puppies in a safe environment. Shortly after, she had to go through an extensive mammary tumor removal surgery. The vet did a full hysterectomy at the same time. Ina was very weak during this time...Read More

Winston Worried and now he's Winning!

Winston was a rescue at Almost Home- No kill Shelter. He found himself a loving home, but his owner became ill and could no longer take care of him. She did what was best for Winston and asked Almost Home to help Winston find a new forever home. She knew that Almost home would would do their best to help Winston-- and they did! Winston had a great time socializing with the staff at Almost Home, he received a lot of gifts from his poundWISHES registry, and he found a wonderful new forever...Read More

Fannie's Fairy Tail Ending

Fannie's owner surrendered her to TABR when they realized that she needed more medical attention than they could provide. She had a good life with them, but she needed to have a knee replacement and an entropic surgery for her eyes. Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue knew that Fannie would make an amazing family pet for a loving family so they agreed to help. It turned out that Fannie's foster family couldn't agree more! Fannie was able to have her knee replacement, and heal with...Read More

It's Finally Micka's Moment to Shine

Micka was found chained up by his neck, living in a filthy garage in Southfield. He was rescued together along with his brothers and their father, Stormy. Micka's previous owner did not allow the dogs to go outside, they were trapped in a garage their whole lives. These pups never knew what life was really about until they were brought to Almost Home- no kill shelter. There seemed to be a calmness surrounding them, when they realized they were safe at Almost Home. The staff greeted...Read More

Lord Astor found a family to love him just the way he is!

Lord Astor was pulled from the Euth List at the eleventh hour in desperate need of eye removal. He had been on so many different eye ointments and drops to try to rectify his eye problems but his eyes were too far gone. They would not function at all and were causing him discomfort. He needed immediate eye removal surgery so that he did not have to suffer any longer. Luckily, No Stray Left Behind was able to raise funds through poundWISHES to get this little man his eye removal surgery....Read More

Millicent's Magnificent Makeover

When Millicent arrived at Almost Home- she was filthy, under weight, and needed a huge tumor removed. Almost home gave Millicent the time and attention that she needed to trust and love without fear of being left behind again. She received the medical attention that she needed and time to heal. Millicent has been through so much and is still recovering, but now she has found the most amazing Furever home! Her new mom and dad call her 'Millie' and they are absolutely in love with their...Read More

From Neglect to SPOILED!

Chowder was found roaming the streets with her uterus completely hanging with severe infection taking over her body.Her owner came forward to claim her but refused to get her medical care. They had been aware of her condition for months but had kept her outside in the dirt 24/7 and did absolutely nothing to help her. Mutt Hut Rescue was finally able to convince them to release her and they rushed her to into surgery. Even in recovery from her traumatic experience, she's has been one of the...Read More

After being thrown away like trash, Willow has learned to trust again!

Willow was a severely anemic puppy found in a plastic bag and thrown away like trash.Willow was brought to the shelter on 11/30 by a good Samaritan that had found her discarded in a plastic bag, too weak to move. The shelter sent her to the vet for emergency treatment to save her life. According to the vet notes, Willow did not have a temperature that was readable, she was also 7-10% dehydrated and had a BCS of 1/9. The vet warmed her up and gave her some fluids and this little miracle...Read More


Noel was found wandering the cold, snowy streets in December. Abandoned and tossed out like garbage, she fought for days trying to find help. By the time Pads for Paws rescued her, she was barely able to walk. Noel was malnourished, dirty, diabetic, and had obvious dental issues. Additionally, she was blind in one eye and the other was beginning to go dark. Upon arrival to the vet, it was determined that Noel would need extensive surgery to have her teeth extracted. Both of her eyes were...Read More


In Sept of 2016 this young gelding horse showed up in "The Landing" of Puntas Rincon. He had been tied on a rope (a very common and not that horrible practice, if done correctly, of keeping horses in Puerto Rio) in this same land in 2014 & 2015. But his owner had to place him in a stall for several months in 2016 and unfortunately this young gelding did not much like the stall. These photos are his first days back tied on a rope in 2016. His issues (our concerns for him) are he is...Read More


There was routine maintenance of burning ditches down in Sanpete County Utah. Those doing the work didn't realize Turtle was in one. He was severely burned. After what must have been the most traumatic experience for him, he still allowed his rescuers to pick him up and get him help. When he came into Utah Valley's custody, he went to Doctor Bott at Mountain West Animal Hospital.Vets put him under to clean him up and open up his eyes, as they were swollen shut. Miraculously, there was...Read More


Mistee was drenched in gasoline and her owners kept a large chain shackled to her neck, leaving her unable to escape such abuse but, luckily she was removed from those horrible living situation. She needed our help, more than ever.Mistee was quickly rushed to the vet. She was exhausted, terrified, and in a lot of pain; she had visible skin irritation from being soaked in the diesel fuel. The vets suspected a slew of health problems, not only from the abuse, but also a general lack of care....Read More

Severely Neglected Girl Gets a Chance at Forever

Daisy was found on the streets in the most horrendous condition. She had a massive infection all over her body and needed immediate help. Big Dawgs Rescue got a call about a stray dog wandering around Modesto, CA. They took one look at her and knew they had to help this poor girl. She had clearly been severely neglected and not taken care of. Not only did she have infections in her eyes and ears but she had an extreme case of Mange all over her body. Although she was clearly very sick, she...Read More


Conner's name should of been NEGLECT. His condition was just heartbreaking. He could hardly open his eyes with the horrible infection. He was all bones, with cuts around his body, defeated, weak, and starving.He had to stay overnight at our vet. He under went anesthesia to have his eyes checked and to clean his wounds. He was underweight and really weak.We decided to give him one day to decompress at the end of his second day  the vet did: A Tonometry: measurement of pressure within...Read More


Benny was living in the streets and seriously injured in the Fall of 2017. He fractured his pelvis in three places and his rear left leg was broken and dislocated. Animal Control found him and brought him to a local shelter where he received medical attention and began his journey back to health. It was discovered Benny's injuries occurred at least three months before being brought in by Animal Control and because of this his bones could not be fully fixed but a better quality of life that...Read More


Winnie has had such a hard life even though she was only 12 weeks. After being dumped in an empty lot with her siblings and other abused pups, we found her and we thought her pain would be over.Soon after we found out she has a heart defect and it will take open heart surgery to save her. The good news/silver lining in all of this is that it is one of the most common defects seen and diagnosed in small breed dogs. It is operable, and fixable. Winnie had already begun two heart medications in...Read More

Corduroy Has Come Such a Long Way

Poor Corduroy was attacked by his owners bigger dogs. As a result of the attack, Corduroy sustained a major injury to his front leg. The owner did not seek help, and left him to suffer for two weeks by which time life threatening infection had set in. He was severely anemic and needed an immediate blood transfusion. His leg was the source of his infection, but it couldn't come off until he was stable. Saving Huey Foundation rushed him to the ER where he was started on antibiotics, an...Read More


Rusty is a 10 week old puppy who was found too weak to move and clinging onto life. Rusty was found in this terrible state by a good samaritan, who then reached out to the Saving Huey Foundation. Rusty was admitted to the hospital where we found out he was suffering from severe dehydration and emaciation. It was very hard for him to even hold his head up because he was so weak. Ultimately, Rusty ended up receiving two blood transfusions. Unfortunately, he was still not willing to eat. The...Read More

Abuelo (Grandpa)

This said to be 25 year old horse was reported to Defensa yesterday by the Rincn police. Defensa called PintosRUs who administer two IV within the last 24 hours before we could arrange transport to donated Defensa Land. ABUELO is now residing on Defensa land - he is one of the most emaciated horses ?we have ever seen. He will be cared for now - which will require a Vet visit, daily feed and land. No donation is too small and every share helps ABUELO and horses like him!   Original...Read More


Chance was thrown out of a car on a busy highway and left for dead. A woman in Fontana witnessed this and called BFF Pet Rescue immediately. They rushed over right away to help. Their rescue was at max capacity at this time, but they could not turn this boy away. Chance was in horrible shape. He was standing there alone and confused. They desperately needed to raise funds to get Chance healthy. He was extremely emaciated and covered in fleas and ticks from head to toe. That is when BFF...Read More


Little Rowdy was severely hurt when she was thrown out of a moving car. Luckily for her, a good samaritan found her on the side of the road after the tragic event. She was only about three or four months old at the time. After she was taken to the vet for medical treatment, it was discovered that her front left leg was badly broken and would not be able to be saved.This poor puppy was incredibly young and had already experienced something severely traumatic and horrible, so her rescue was...Read More

A Sweet New Life For Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea was found with horrible cuts and bite marks all over her body. She was so swollen Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition could not distinguish what breed she was. They were able to determine that she was used as a bait dog and they had to act fast if they were going to be able to save her life. Sweet Pea went through multiple skin graphs, procedures and needed a lot of antibiotics, but she pulled through and showed everyone how Sweet she truly is. Thankful for...Read More


Poor Theon was found suffering from neglect on a dirty property with many other dogs in terrible condition. Theon, who is only about a year old, was completely terrified and his fur was completely matted and disheveled. When he was taken to the vet, Theon was diagnosed with and treated for parvo. However, Theon had been suffering from leg pain, which was caused from a leg fracture that healed incorrectly.This tiny pup couldn't catch a break because shortly after discovering the fracture,...Read More

Ernie's Long Journey To A Happy & Healthy Heart!

A bystander watched in disbelief as Ernie, thin and deaf, was dumped in an empty field.Luckily, Collar of Hope was able to save Ernie before he had to fend for himself, which is a good thing as he was already very very thin and deaf, which was discovered after taking him in. Their first priority was to help Ernie put on some weight; the second priority was to get him basic care and neutered. Unfortunately they found out he couldn't be neutered because he has a serious heart condition and he...Read More


Lambkins was only eight-weeks old when he suffered from a broken femur that required urgent surgery. His littermates trampled him as they were playing, causing him to take a nasty tumble down a flight of stairs. Lambkins' previous owners were unable to afford surgery and the vet had recommended euthanizing this poor baby, as it was more cost effective.But OZR Great Dane Rescue couldn't let that happen to him. With the help of CUDDLY, OZR Great Dane Rescue was able to raise over $2,000!...Read More

LUCHADOR a Pony Rejected by his Herd, Including his Mother

Rejected by the herd, which included his mother, this young guy had been lost for days on a large piece of land in Aguada, Puerto Rico. But thanks to dedicated searching, not giving up, Luchador is now safe. When rejected, Luchador jumped a barbwire fence; he suffered several cuts. He was then found in a creek completely exhausted and worn down from his ordeal. Luchador was found and was brought to Defensa the other day. He was so exhausted he could not stand up in the transportation...Read More


We got a call on Friday morning from Cheryl Heckle Price at Calhoun County Animal Control. A health care worker spotted this injured cat at a clients house and simply couldn't leave him this way. Long story short, we took him to Edisto Pet Clinic where is he was given antibiotic shot and had his stub cleaned. We don't know what happened to his tail, but we certainly know it was pretty......But it's okay Freddie, as soon some of your infection is better, you will have your...Read More


One day, an employee at Cafe 2 Go coffee shop found Kitty, a little kitten. That morning, Kitty was not looking for a quad venti skim no foam latte; what he really needed was help. It was clear that he was not in good shape and needed immediate medical care. Kitty was weak; he would not eat, his left eye was completely closed, and he had a very infected cut on his neck. Kitty's rescuer reached out to CUDDLY for help with the vet costs, as urgent care was needed immediately. We...Read More

Tracy's Transformation

Tracy was found locked in a boxcar train at the Mexico-US border. She was suffering in pain from a horrible infection and starving to death. No one knows how she got there or how long she was left without food or water.Border agents found her and knew she wouldn't survive going to a shelter because she was so sick and weak. They reached out to a local rescuer and SNARR was contacted to take Tracy in. She was rushed to the vet only to discover that her infection is actually a sexually...Read More


Bobo was found on the brink of death in terrible condition. He had no owner at the time, but the nice couple who was feeding him knew something was wrong but had no money to hep him. When one of Headrock's volunteers saw Bobo, she knew they had to help. They had their vet examine Bobo and he unfortunately had TVT (a sexually transmitted cancerous virus that is deadly), was covered in ticks, had a nasty swelling above his eyes, and was riddled with worms and blood parasites. Not only had TVT...Read More

Broken Femur to Forever Home

Jack was picked up as a stray after being hit by a car. He was suffering from a broken femur and needed immediate medical attention.Buddy Up Animal Society stepped up to help Jack after he was pulled from Harris County shelter by another rescue. It turns out that Jack had been suffering from severe injuries: a broken pelvis and two badly broken hind legs. When he was first pulled out of the shelter, Jack was severely underweight and needed to regain his strength. Luckily, the rescue provided so...Read More


Little Ninja joined Saving Grace as a little orphan at just two weeks old during prime kitten season. He weighed only four ounces and the vet wasn't sure that he would survive. One of our awesome fosters took him in and provided round the clock care for him. She bottle fed him and cared for him, praying constantly that this tiny baby would make it. Not only did Ninja survive, but he wiggled his way right into his foster family's hearts. At almost six pounds, he is doing fantastic and is...Read More


What Valentina's rescuer witnessed was absolutely horrifying: her entire family, with the kids in the car, literally dumped the little,13 lb. chihuahua, out of their moving car on a random road and drove away. Her rescuer watched sweet Valentina run after the car until she could no longer run; it was absolutely heartbreaking.As if losing her family wasn't enough, Valentina was taken to the vet where she tested positive for hookworm. The vet was able to give her her first round of...Read More

From Thailand to NYC: Toby's Rescue Adventure

Three small poodles were confiscated from a home near Dog Rescue Thailand's shelter due to severe neglect. They were emaciated, with fleas and ticks covering their entire bodies. All of the three were very sick, extremely malnourished, and needed a lot of supportive care to regain their strength. To make matters worse, they were tied up and constantly being attacked by other dogs. They had no way to defend themselves; the smallest pup, Toby, ended up getting severely injured with several...Read More

Sweet Siblings Find Their Forever Homes

Three young puppies Merlot, Cabernet, and Riesling were in desperate need of care and medical treatments after a prolonged period living in poor conditions.Our hearts broke when we saw these puppies -- they were infected with sarcoptic mange, a highly contagious skin disease where mites burrow through the skin causing intense itching and irritation. Mange causes dogs to scratch profusely resulting in the animal's hair falling out. No animal should ever get to this point, but these three...Read More

Sushi -- A Sweet Senior's Survival

Sushi is a senior who was dumped in a parking lot after being brutally beaten and abused. He was saved by two kind construction men who saw him thrown out of a vehicle. They rushed Sushi to the local shelter, hoping to save his life.The shelters vet insisted that Sushi be euthanized right away, but that is when Dallas Dog RRR jumped in to rescue him. A lot of people doubted Sushi, assuming that no one would adopt a senior in his condition, that there would be no quality of life for him. Boy...Read More


Remember our girl Gracee?We are beyond thrilled to announce.... Gracee has found her Furever home!We can't thank her new mom enough for opting to adopt and taking a chance on this sweet deserving girl!Gracee still walks with a weird gait, but this girl can definitely run! Nothing is going to stop this girl from having the life she deserves!Happy Tails sweet Gracee!We just can't thank all of Gracee's supporters and donors! Thanks Cuddly for helping to make this possible!Love,Gracee...Read More


Koda was brought to Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue in terrible condition. He was eight years old and weighed almost 200 pounds. Koda was one of the heaviest and biggest dogs they had ever seen. He was surrendered to the shelter because his owners said they could no longer take care of him or pay for his thyroid medication. At 200 lbs, he was overweight; he should have been around 165-175 lbs. However, what he lacked in health, he more than made up for in kindness; he is such a gentle...Read More

Abusive Past to a Forever Future

This sweet puppy was recently found getting abused by a group of children. Mutt Scouts got an urgent call for help-  a stray puppy was trying to get into a church when it ran into a group of young children. Unfortunately, these children started kicking and hitting the innocent puppy and it could not get away. Thankfully, a nice woman witnessed what was happening and intervened immediately. She swooped up the puppy and took him to safety. When she realized how bad of condition he was...Read More


Bhodi was picked up in Palm Beach with a broken leg, along with painful and excessive skin issues from sun exposure and malnutrition. It is suspected that his previous owner dumped him.While healing from his prior abuse, sweet Bohdi was again rushed to the vet after an excessive amount of blood started coming from his anus.Imagine poor Bhodi and his foster Mom that morning, both shocked and afraid. Bhodi's foster Mom said Bhodi was worried and embarrassed because he had made a mess in the...Read More

From Trash To Treasure

Ningi and her littermate were found in a dumpster bin when they were only a few hours old and still had their umbilical stems attached. A good samaritan found them and dug through the trash to bring them to safety. Unfortunately, Ningi's sibling did not make it so the finder immediately put out a plea, and as soon as Dallas Dog RRR saw it, they sprang into action. They rushed her to the vet where Ningi received fluids and round the clock care to stabilize her. Dallas Dog RRR even...Read More


Poor Zelda and her eleven puppies were dumped on the side of the road, leaving Zelda to fend for herself and her babies all alone.Zelda and her babies all had parasite infestations. They were starving, riddled with mange, and had skin and eye infections. it took countless thousands to heal these Zelda and her babies but thanks to CUDDLY and all the wonderful donors who contributed to their campaign as well as bought them items from their wishlist we were able to heal them. Zelda and all...Read More

Deserted Puppies Get a Second Chance

Thirteen Shepherd puppies were found alone in the desert in terrible condition. Mutt Hut Rescue was able to rescue all of the puppies and place them with fosters. Upon rescue, all of the puppies showed symptoms of mange. The first vet ran skin scrapes and conducted fungal and ringworm testing. All results came back negative. Therefore, they were prescribed mange medication, medicated shampoos, wipes, and creams for all 13 puppies; they also tried allergy shots and steroid shots. However, the...Read More


Scooby was hit by a car, leaving his back legs useless. His legs dragged behind him, causing him unimaginable pain with every movement.After being hit by a car, it was clear that Scooby was hurt and in pain, yet his past owners did nothing for this poor angel. Instead, they allowed him to drag his legs in pain for an unknown amount of time. A kind neighbor convinced the owner to give him up, so she could get him to the vet.Specialists have confirmed that Scooby has feeling in his legs, but he...Read More

Stomped puppy gets furever home with her rescuer!

Young puppy Jaelyn was found in a box after someone stomped her leg, shattering her bones.Jaelyn was a sweet natured six-month-old girl that was found in the middle of nowhere, lying in a box. A nice woman noticed her and took her to the Palmdale shelter. Unfortunately, Jaelyn didn't have much chance of getting out of the shelter in her current situation. Mutt Hut Rescue stepped up and pulled her from the shelter before she was euthanized. They rushed to get her the medical treatment she...Read More


T-Bone came to Picayune Veterinary Clinic with a fractured femur. Vets and rescuers discovered that T-Bone was struck by a car and then denied treatment for his injury by his previous owner. It must have been terrifying for T-Bone.The most effective treatment option was a surgical procedure called a Femoral Head Osteotomy. During this procedure, the vets remove the femoral head and neck to allow the development of a false joint. This would allow complete weight bearing and range of motion to...Read More

Abandoned in the desert with extensive burns

Squiggy is a puppy that was suffering from an extreme case of mange and severe sun burns all over his body.This poor pup came into rescue after being found in the middle of the hot desert. Sparky and the Gang got word of a Mama dog and her puppies living under a burned out car in the middle of nowhere, next to a city waste dump. These pups' previous "owners" never took care of them or got them medical attention. Unfortunately, all of Squiggy's siblings succumbed to their neglect...Read More


Clayton was found laying on the side of the road with his skin draping from his body. His sad eyes were full of discharge to the point where he could barely see. Clayton's face and body appeared to have been burned with some kind of acid, leaving raw and open wounds all over. Second Chance Rescue took Clayton to a specialist where they confirmed that acid seeped through his nasal passage and was starting to heal incorrectly, causing him severe health issues. His nasal passage has gotten...Read More


Animal Alliance Rescue Foundation of San Bernardino found poor pup Maddie on the streets of Corona in desperate need of help. Maddie's gums were completely white, she showed labored breathing, and she was covered in ticks and fleas. Her rescuers rushed her to the vet immediately. Due to her condition, Maddie needed to remain in the hospital for 24 hours.During her stay, she received a blood transfusion, skin scraping, lung x-rays, oxygen, and antibiotics for any tick borne diseases. All the...Read More


Sweet, little Ruby was left inside of a milk crate on the side of the road. She developed severe mange.This precious girl had never known kindness or love and had only suffered through her short life thus far. Luckily, Ruby was picked up by a good Samaritan in an area known for dog dumping in Homestead, Florida.Once in our care, we wanted to help her recover fully and make sure she received a second chance at life. Thanks to al the wonderful donors for monetary and wishlist donations for...Read More


This is Scrappy, a two year-old Yorkie mix. His rescue learned about him when their local shelter sent out an email asking for help.The email stated sweet Scrappy had been shot. He appeared to be medically stable, but he definitely needed vet attention ASAP. Luckily, one of their volunteers was able to head to the shelter immediately to transport him to the hospital.Upon arrival, Scrappy was quickly assessed and given pain meds to make him more comfortable. Despite the pain he was in, he ...Read More

Gladys weathered the storm to her furever home

This sweet shy gal was found near the Rincn Beach Resort during a thunderstorm. Shaking, completely still and wet on the side of the road she was picked up by a kind person who asked around to the neighbors if any of them recognized her. Her picture was posted to local community groups as well to see if anyone could claim her. Nobody stepped up. Gladys (as we named her) was very scared and had no idea what was happening to her. Besides being covered in fleas and hookworm, she was...Read More

Abused Girl's Foster Family Turns Into Forever

A few months back, there was an awful video circulating the internet of a man filming himself brutally beating a dog while making disturbing threats of violence.The dog in the video, Kellina, who belonged to the man's roommate, was repeatedly beaten and traumatized. Kellina was a completely innocent victim of this maniac's violence and when Big Paw Rescue got word of this, they jumped to bring in to safety. Her head was very swollen, she had a broken canine tooth, and an abnormality in...Read More

Rescued kitty's miraculous recovery

Poor Barbs had been through so much when she was rescued. She was hit by a motorbike and left on the street to suffer... until a kind woman came to her rescue. She saw Barbs with her detached eye and rushed her to the veterinarian immediately. Paws for Compassion got word of Barbs and rushed to help. They weren't sure if they were going to be able to save her eye or if it was too far gone from the accident. That is when they started a CUDDLY campaign for this sweet girl. Barbs was then...Read More


When Queen was found, she had recently gave birth to six puppies and was enjoying her new role as a mother. Unfortunately, not long after, her owner got into a domestic dispute. The owner's girlfriend extensively injured some of the puppies by hitting, kicking, and slamming the dogs onto the ground. Three of Queen's babies were killed immediately and two more of her puppies had to be euthanized afterwards due to seizures and skull damage inflicted upon them.Queen was unable to mourn her...Read More

Extensive Medical Journey Has a Happy Ending

At only two years old and four pounds, little Anna Belle ended up at Palmdale Animal Shelter completely terrified and on the verge of shutting down. The shelter noted that she had a hernia and was in need of rescue. Once Fido Freedom pulled her from the shelter, they took her immediately to the vet. When the doctors took a further look at her condition, they realized that her hernia was much more extensive. The doctor believed that her hernia was a result of a strong force on her diaphragm...Read More


Mikee and his nine other siblings were born in a homeless camp on the side of the road. When one of the puppies passed away and the rest stopped nursing, a homeless woman agreed to let Everglades Angels Dog Rescue care for them.Once all of the pups were able to receive medical attention, the vet immediately realized that Mikee had pulmonary stenosis (a valve in his heart was partially sealed shut) with a grade 4 heart murmur. His other siblings were very weak but did not have the same defect....Read More


Starfish was sitting in a rural shelter. Her back-end  paralyzed; she was soaked in urine, feces, and mud. Something traumatic happened to her  two weeks before that, and her "owners" decided to drop her at the shelter weeks later. She was in utter despair, dirty, and her world had just crumbled. Starfish had been dragging her body on the shelter floor wondering where she is to go next.A shelter volunteer pleaded with over one dozen rescues to please help her and none of them...Read More

Mangled Puppy Thriving on Three Legs

Mysti's leg was mangled and she was in dire need of help. Dallas Dogs RRR received a 911 call from a local shelter about this poor puppy and rushed to pick up her up. They didn't know what caused her injury but they knew she was in immediate need of help. After Mysti was rushed to the emergency room, vets discovered that her leg appeared to be completely severed. It is a straight cut across the leg and it was only attached at the muscle and tendons. The vet knew they would have to...Read More

Paralyzed Puppy Finds Forever With His Brother

Rong was dumped in a bush, along with his brother, on the side of a busy road. This poor baby was mauled by an adult dog and suffered severe spinal trauma.Little Rong was paralyzed in his lower back, but thankfully still had some feeling when he was pinched. His rescue quickly started a CUDDLY campaign for him and supporters started rallying behind this little guy. Rong was able to raise much needed funds for his therapy as well as crucial supplements and good quality food off his wishlist to...Read More


When Gotti was found, he barely weighed four pounds. He was completely emaciated, malnourished, matted, covered in feces, and in severe pain. SNARR was contacted by Forsythe Humane Society, pleading to help in the rescue of this tiny pup. There was no way they could say no.Gotti was an ?owner surrender? (meaning his owner gave him up) after he was diagnosed with a severe anal hernia, requiring specialty surgery. As you might guess, his care was very expensive. Thanks to all the wonderful CUDDLY...Read More

Luciano Pavarotti

GIANT NEWS!!! The one. The only. Luciano Pavarotti HAS HIS OWN HOME! We love ya and we'll miss you buddy!!! Enjoy your furever home!!!

Tiny Chihuahua Almost Didn't Make It

Tinkerbell was in a local shelter in need of emergency medical care and she was fading quickly. The shelter reached out to Dallas Dog and they stepped up and pulled this baby. She was only five-weeks-old, covered in fleas, and her body was shutting down fast. They rushed her to the emergency vet where she finally got the medical attention she needed. At first the vets were having trouble regulating her temperature, which was extremely low at 93.3. They put her on IV fluids and glucose since she...Read More


Poor Gabe was dragged behind his owners car for miles.Gabe was surrendered by his owner to police when they showed up at his home with a warrant. Someone obviously reported his condition to them. The story he told was that dragging the dog had been an accident as dog had been tied to his car & he forgot when he had to go pick up his kids at school. He said when he realized he was dragging his dog, he stopped and wrapped him in a towel. He said he took the dog home & thought he would be...Read More

Librado's Long Road To Forever

A report was made to social media in Western Puerto Rico that a horse had been hit by a car. Thankfully Defensa's Equine Emergency Manager Che was immediately available to attend to this horse when the report came into Defensa. Che was able to administer pain meds, antibiotics, a tetanus shot and topical medicine to address what is mostly a facial wound/injury. Thanks to the Good Samaritans who reported and cared for Librado prior to help arriving! Librado has was then transported...Read More

Unwanted purebred Jaxon is so loved now

Jaxon is purebred GSD that was hit by a car and given away after his owner could no longer sell him. P.U.R.R.R was on a small trip to pick up a kennel when they saw poor Jaxon in a field dragging his leg around and chasing a ball. It was a sad sight to see and our first reaction was to help him! We got in contact with his owner, who purchased Jaxon from a breeder but was looking to sell him for a high price because his family was moving. He told us he came from a very strong purebred blood line...Read More


Elsa was found frozen, half dead in the parking lot of a vet's office.A good Samaritan found her, ran her inside and the vet turned her away. They didn't want to treat this sweet baby so Elsa's savior brought her to the shelter.S.N.A.R.R got the call for help and didn't hesitate to say yes. Elsa went to their vet to receive the care she desperately needed to survive. Elsa had an upper respiratory infection and dangerously low glucose levels from being starved. Elsa wanted to...Read More


Little Chloe was found in a Long Beach dumpster after she was severely abused and tied up in a kitchen trash bag. This poor girl was not only covered in old table scraps, a human had also urinated all over her tiny body. Her little nails were so long and curled up, they were growing into her paw pads; her hair was completely matted as if she had not been groomed for years.Fix Long Beach got word of Chloe and rushed to her aid. Chloe suffered a fractured skull, multiple broken ribs and her leg...Read More


Herbert was on the table about to be euthanized, after sustaining horrific injuries from being torn apart by 5 other dogs.Herbert was in a shelter and a volunteer unknowingly put him in a playgroup with 5 other dogs and left them alone. Minutes later they came running back to terrible noises and saw Herbert being literally ripped apart by the other dogs. They were able to pull him to safety but his injuries were so terrible, that the shelter was going to immediately euthanize him. He was on the...Read More

Stone Puppy Gets A Chance At Forever

Animal Control found Randy in terrible condition on a local reservation in New Mexico. He was about 50 lbs and was first thought to be an older dog since his entire body was covered in mange. He had clearly been suffering for a very long time. The volunteer from the shelter called Mutt Scouts to see if they might be willing to step in and help. After hearing about Randy's condition, Mutt Scouts could not say no. They started their long travel from Pasadena, CA to New Mexico to rescue this...Read More


Some evil person took a metal grounding rod and hammered it through poor Rottie's tiny face. He could not move to find shelter, eat, or drink for days until he was found.He was found in the back of a bar with his brother Roscoe who stood by his side until help came for them both. This was one of the worst cases of abuse we had seen in our years in rescue. This tiny baby had suffered unimaginable pain, and trauma. All we wanted to do is try to make it up to Rottie for the torment he had...Read More

Rescue Horse Finds Loving Home

Tony Montana was rescued from a Banana Plantation in Puerto Rico where he and some other abandoned and unwanted horses were at risk of being hurt or killed. Defensa's horse rescuing team was told by the local community that one of the horses on this land had been killed secretly because the Plantation is loosing 10s of thousands of dollars by the horses eating their crops.Defensa jumped into action to rescue Tony Montana and brought him to safety. He was skinny and needed high quality feed...Read More


Say hello to BETTY #ARescuedHorse This said-to-be 20 to 30 year old mare was released by owner to Defensa! It's is sad to think old horses are not worth anything to their families! Her family could no longer care for her so she resides with our other rescued horses. We desperately needed a large piece of land close to Rincn to create a forever sanctuary for horses like ABUELO & BETTY and thanks to everyone's help we were able to expand their pasture. Knowing these senior...Read More


This aging horse was reported to Defensa by the Rincn police. Abuelo is now residing on Defensa land - he was one of the most emaciated horses we had ever seen. He has been able to receive the care he needed thanks to all of your generous donations.  He was rumored to have been wandering for at least 6 months and was frighteningly dehydrated. We gave him several IV's and put him in an area with fresh plentiful grass. Now that he is healthy we are looking for a loving home for him but...Read More


This horse was reported to Defensa with information that they had seen this horse tied in the same spot for several days without food or water. Fortunately, the Good Samaritan who reported found out the critical information of owner and map location so we could start with asking the owner if they needed help. In addition, this Good Samaritan was willing to make the donation that the owner required to release, now BOLERO, to us! Bolero was thought to be permanently lame but with regular...Read More

Tripod Dane Doesn't Let Anything Slow Her Down!

Who remembers Nemo!?Nemo is a young girl that was born differently than her siblings. She was one of a litter of five Dober-Dane puppies that were owner-surrenders. She was named Nemo because she has a birth defect, resulting in a deformed front leg. This defect didn't slow her down or stop her in the slightest. However, as she grows, her "dangly" limb was going to slow her down and cause issues. One Dane at a Time knew they would need some help with this girl's amputation...Read More


Noah was found on the side of the road with his face mangled and ripped open. We can't even imagine the pain he must have endured as he sat in the shelter for five days before Bullies-N-Beyond came to his rescue.Once Noah was in Bullies-N-Beyond's care, they rushed him immediately to the emergency vet. It was clear that he was suffering from severe bite wounds across his entire face and the vets believe that poor Noah had been used as a bait dog. Upon further inspection of his wounds...Read More

Sweet Baby Somsi Finds Happiness In The UK

Sweet baby Somsi was only 8 weeks old when she was found laying in the forest unable to move her back legs. Sadly her mother was no where to be found, most likely hit by a car or poisoned as this is not uncommon in the area she was picked up in Thailand. Somsi was seen by a specialist and Dog Rescue Thailand found out that she would need TWO different surgeries along with a lengthy rehabilitation program in order to live a good life. They knew they would need help with her medical care so they...Read More

Reggie Stuart

Poor Reggie Stuart was diagnosed with a grade 4 heart murmur at 8 weeks of age. Without a timely surgery, he would go into cardiac arrest and pass away within a month or two, so time was of the essence! Little Reggie's life started out rough. He was born on the floor of a shelter. He was one of six puppies and they all seemed well until 9 weeks of age. But then, two of his sisters came down with liver shunts and passed away. Then, Reggie was fighting for his life as well. The cardiologist...Read More


Hunter was surrendered by his owner in a horrifying condition. It was clear that he had been suffering for a very long time and his previous owners watched as he deteriorated. Hunter's skin was covered in open wounds and burns. He was so emaciated and weak that he required assistance to stand up.Hunter was only a year old but looked like a senior. His skin was so severely burned that the vets could not find a vein to administer IV fluids. His stomach had also sustained similar burns that...Read More


We received a distressing call about a dog that was found on the side of the road tied in a plastic bag. A passerby saw the bag moving and discovered there was a dog trapped inside. When they opened the bag, hundreds of flies escaped; a symbolic tornado of sorrow that this boy has endured. When Percible was freed from the bag, he was unable to walk; he was panting heavily, covered with maggots, feces, urine, and insects. This was one of the worst cases of abuse and neglect we had ever...Read More


Dumped like trash, the abuse that Faith was forced to endure was inhumane. When Jersey Pits Rescue heard about a beaten and sick pup in their local inner-city pound, they immediately set out to get her. Not only Is she completely covered in bite wounds, new and old, but her body shows that she has been harshly overbred. She's also had all her teeth broken, which we can only imagine is excruciating, and she was riddled with infected wounds by her eyes and ears. However, with the...Read More

Rescued Horse Princess Lives Up To Her Name

This young horse we named "Little Miss Princess" was rescued in January 2019 from a home in Puerto Rico where she was tied without food or water or regular care, under a house.She was very weak and unable to rise from a laying position on her own. So the grazing helped her gain muscle mass, verses standing in a stall all day. She was so heartbreaking and we wanted to make her feel better more than anything. We started her CUDDLY campaign and thanks to amazing supporters, we were able...Read More

Emaciated Husky Finds Her Forever Home

This poor female Husky was found wandering around a supermarket strip mall area in Puerto Rico extremely emaciated with a several severe infections and assesses - Just being left to get worse and worse day by day.Just looking at VANILLA you could see how emaciated she was and with closer inspection her ear had a horrible infection and she had a hole/abscess in her hip area. How many people left the market and just walked right by her with bags full of groceries while she starves to death? Our...Read More

Warrior Sure Put Up A Fight For His Life!

This poor dog has been through more cruelty than any living creature should have to endure.Warrior was known as a friendly stray that resided in the common feeding areas in Dorado, Puerto Rico. For the Love of Satos got word that something devastating happened. Unimaginably, someone decided to throw pool bleach all over Warrior's body, severely burning his skin. Warrior was in devastating pain. The rescue immediately rushed him to the vet, where he was able to gain some stability. Vets...Read More

Tiny Street Mutt Beats All The Odds

This is Agnes, another Mexico Street Mutt that was left to suffer and die. Mutt Scouts rushed to her side, knowing that every second was a matter of life and death. Agnes was saved off the streets and rushed to a vet in the states. Her breathing was labored and they had to run more tests and x-rays to try and figure out what was ailing this sweet little neglected lady. The vet said she had never seen a dog covered in more fleas or ticks. She received a Bravecto treatment and a medicated...Read More

One Man's Trash is a Mutt Scout Treasure!

Who remembers Leonard? Discarded, forgotten, dying in a pile of garbage? Leonard was found on the side of the road. He had a serious case of contagious Sarcoptic mange and Ehrlichia. He had a long way to go and Mutt Scouts knew they would need help with his treatment. Once they started a CUDDLY campaign for Leonard, his story took off and touched the hearts of so many generous people willing to donate to his care. Not only did his CUDDLY campaign raise almost 3k, but so many essential items...Read More

From the streets of Mexico to beach days in Malibu

When Mutt Scouts found Ben sitting at the shelter and learned about his story, they knew we couldn't leave him there. Ben had lived on the streets of Mexico most likely his entire life struggling to survive. One day, a terrible human being tried to kill this poor by by hitting him upside the head with a rock. Although Ben survived this malicious attack, he still ended up at the kill shelter on the euthanasia list. His head wound was extremely deep and he had eye damage as well. He had a...Read More


Sprout arrived after nearly dying and having part of her pancreas removed, missing part of her kidney.But within a few weeks it became apparent that this little dog was making a miraculous recovery! Our Vet could not believe how well she was recovering. A wonderful woman, Betsy, constacted us early on asking to be placed on her adoptiuon list....and as Sprout recovered, Betsy and I spent time talking.Betsy has had experience with other special needs dogs and understands that in the future...Read More

Returned Puppy Will Never Suffer Again

This is Perkins. Yes, PERKINS. For those who may not remember this sweet boy, Perkins was adopted from a shelter only to be returned weeks later in horrendous shape.The abuse he was forced to endure during his time with his family' was so severe that charges of animal cruelty were immediately filed against them. He was on the verge of death. However, thanks to his rescue and his CUDDLY supporters, he has not only been restored back to complete health, but he has also found his forever...Read More

Gypsy Rose

Born with a cleft lip and palate that left her physically deformed, sweet Gypsy Rose was fighting for her tiny life. When little Gypsy began rapidly losing weight and regurgitating large portions of her food, her rescue began to heavily worry. After taking her to the hospital, it became necessary to implement a feeding tube so ensure her little body was receiving the calories she needed to survive. She was so small but her rescue would not even entertain the idea of giving up. Between...Read More


When Chubbs was found he did not even look like a dog & you couldn't even guess what breed he is.Chubbs was found at 11 weeks in a TX shelter. He was on his way to our vet partner within the hour. Our hearts were breaking for this poor puppy who had to be in such terrible pain. Someone let him get to the point where he was bleeding, could barely open his eyes & his skin was on fire.  He was swollen, red & miserable, but thanks to the wonderful donors through CUDDLY this...Read More

Jaws' Miracle Recovery

This terrier boy was brought into a clinic here in OKC with extremely horrific injuries! Meet Jaws. While we don't know how exactly these extensive wounds were caused (possible fireworks), we do know that they were extremely bad and his eye needed to be removed immediately. He had gaping wounds all along his jaw line that needed addressing. This boy was in beyond rough shape and his rescue, Mutt Misfits was desperate for help. CUDDLY reached out to see if we could help with donations and...Read More


After being sexually abused by a local man, Blake frightfully hid underneath a porch, having sustained extreme injuries from the act. When a passerby noticed a trail of blood leading to Blake, she immediately called for help. In the midst of waiting for rescuers, the woman was told by the neighbor that Blake had been raped and abused by a man. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Once connected with the rescue, they brought her to the local vet, where they discovered that...Read More


Baby Brooklyn was found in front of a bodega with blood pouring out of her legs. She was lying on the pavement with blood dripping everywhere and, someone called animal control. This poor was picked up and her fate was sealed, she was going to be euthanized due to her severe medical condition. Thats when Rescue Dogs Rock got the call from a frantic shelter volunteer, hoping we could help this innocent baby girl. Thanks to all the wonderful monetary and wishlist donors they were able to...Read More

Foster Family Helped Benny Overcome Every Obstacle

Benny is a 6 month old golden retriever mix puppy, whose eyes brought tears to ours. He was emaciated, covered in dirt, dried blood, urine, and feces, and he would barely lift his head to look at us. He was run over by a car and waited at the shelter for a week for his owner to come get him. But they never came. And he ran out of time. And his spirit was broken.Mutt Misfits pulled him immediately and not even 24 hours later, he was in the hospital fighting for his life. He had nearly become...Read More


Found as a lonely stray, Reggie began to show life-threatening symptoms just days after being taken off the streets. When diagnostics came back confirming that Reggie was suffering from Parvovirus, an incredibly serious disease, Davidson County Animal Alliance stepped in to help. At just three months old, Reggie had so much life left to live. He didn't deserve to of gone his whole life without love or kindness. After a week of IV fluids, antibiotics, anti-nausea medications, and...Read More


After surviving the horror of being purposely dragged by a car Bunny was in shock, and clearly in pain. She lost a lot of blood, and needed a transfusion to keep her alive. The X-rays taken showed a broken leg, broken femur, and a broken pelvis.We knew that if Bunny made it through the first 48 hours, she would need complicated surgeries to repair her broken bones. The Knee tendons/ligaments were destroyed as well. Aside from all her many broken bones she had Extensive skin wounds, that...Read More

Clifford's Has A New Outlook On Life Thanks To You!

Clifford was seen being thrown from a moving car. As if this wasn't enough, he had already been suffering from severe mange, malnutrition, and now he is in incredible pain.He was taken to the shelter and had to be saved by 5pm that day, or he was going to be humanly euthanized. Cane Rosso Rescue couldn't let him go without a seeing a vet and having a fighting chance. He deserved someone to fight for him for once in his life! He was in a great deal of pain, and was having trouble...Read More


Pulled from an overcrowded shelter in horrendous condition, this little puppy was hours away from euthanasia due to his state.Thick patches of hair were missing from his body and infection covered most - if not all - of his flesh. His rescue suspected that he was suffering from a severe mite infestation but he was so extremely thin and dehydrated too.However, with the help of CUDDLY, Snickers raised over 1,000 dollars to help fund his medical expenses, diagnostics, and care! He also received...Read More


Sansa was with her mom and, two siblings when someone let their dog off their leash to attack them.The mom and, her other two babies are dead. She was the only one who somehow got away from the dogs grip, and hid in a sewer. She was there for days before "Protect Me Albania" finally caught her. The attack left this sweet girl with a broken leg, missing half her face, severe inflammation, and an infection. Sansa was also severely malnourished from hiding for so long, and suffered from...Read More

Tramp - From Trash to Treasure

All fairy tales begin with a struggle, but we don't think Tramp could have wished for a happier ending.Tramp was owner surrendered last month to a horrible shelter in south Texas. In the one week he was there, he ended up with a horrible skin infection and simply shut down in the face of the horrid conditions. After the last few weeks with CUDDLY's support, and amazing foster love, Tramp transitioned this weekend to a home where he now gets to give back.Tramp is now the emotional...Read More


Because of his appearance, no one came close to poor Hercules - not even on the brink of death. Labeled as an ugly, street dog, Hercules walked around day after day looking for anyone to offer him food or shelter. No one ever did.When Roatan Rescue found him weak and close to death, they scooped him up and drove him straight to the emergency room. He was so tired, so broken that he fell asleep in his rescuer's arms and let out a big sigh of relief on the way the vet. They learned that this...Read More


On October 22, 2019, we all learned of Annie's horrific tale. To imagine all the abuse this sweet girl had to endure in her short life is truly heartbreaking but we don't need to relive all this girl has been through because the story we want to tell you is so much better!! Happy Gotcha Day, Annie! Annie has been ADOPTED!! Annie's new dad walked into the room to meet her for the first time and Annie knew immediately! She immediately rushed to her dad and it was like they...Read More


Elly was owned by an evil family, for fun they beat this sweet girl within an inch of her life leaving her paralyzed.Someone felt bad and got her away from them, and since they did not know where to take her they left her at "Protect Me Albania's" shelter door. This poor girl did not deserve to be treated so inhumane. "Protect Me Albania" worked diligently to heal her, but unfortunately her back was broken, and there was no way to try to help her walk again. Even though she...Read More

Sweet Brody Learned To Hear With His Heart

Brody was heartlessly dumped in the middle of the country, completely terrified and in dire need of rescue.When StreetsToSheets Animal Rescue went to rescue this poor boy, he ran for his life because he was so terrified. Luckily, he came around to being rescued. Rescue volunteers took Brody immediately to the vet to get him evaluated. His mangled ears were obvious; what you couldn't see is the damage to his lungs due to heartworm. Brody's breathing was labored and his lungs were in...Read More


Late one Monday, the Leon County Humane Society (LCHS) was contacted about a severely injured dog seeking shelter on a school yard in Liberty County. That Unfortunate pup was Everett fighting for his life and looking for sanctuary. Everett had been shot at close range, completely severing his front leg while several bullet fragments severely injured one of his back legs. Everett received emergency medical care at Buck Lake Animal Hospital and fought for his life. This poor boy did not...Read More

A Victory For Victor

After having his ears recklessly cut with scissors, Victor was suffering incredible pain. At 6 months old, he was found wandering around a park severely malnourished and frightened. His ears were bloodied, scabbed, and infected, meaning that whoever decided to slice his ears with a pair of sheers did so without medical supervision. When Hounds In Pounds first saw Victor, they cringed to think of what he had endured and the pain he had experienced. Working to relieve his pain and treat his...Read More

Bruno's Happy Ending

Discovered wandering down the road with a metal tether constricting his foot, Bruno was in need of immediate help. When a passerby noticed this gentle giant limping along the sidewalk, he immediately scooped him up and brought him to the shelter, where Hounds In Pounds took over. The moment they saw him, they were HORRIFIED. His coiled paw was ice cold and hadn't been receiving circulation for some time, which puts him at risk of becoming septic at any moment. According to his medical...Read More

Maximus Never Gave Up

After ruthlessly being run over by a reckless driver, Maximus' owners let him sit in agonizing pain for FIVE DAYS. For FIVE DAYS, doctors pleaded with Maximus' owners to let them pursue treatment. For FIVE DAYS, Hounds In Pounds pleaded with his owners to surrender him to them, so that he could receive care. And for FIVE DAYS, Maximus' owners refused. Rather than give the doctor consent to do treatment, his owner's insisted that he remain in medical boarding without treatment -...Read More

Baby Gravy's Miracle

When Gravy was born, his chances of living a happy, healthy life were slim. He was born a stray, and it didn't take long for the elements to take their toll on his tiny little body. Gravy, along with 19 other puppies, were found as strays in an extremely rural area in Kentucky. How 20 puppies are found that way is beyond imaginable. Gravy was in critical condition when he was found by Mispits and Friends Rescue. The same evening he came off of transport, he was rushed to a local animal...Read More

Abused Puppy Found Strength To Survive

This poor baby was an innocent victim of unimaginable violent abuse. She was tormented by malicious humans, leaving her in misery and anguish. Mittens was only eight weeks old when she suffered a lifetime of pain and torture. She was brought into rescue after the initial thought that she was hit by a car. But upon further investigation, the vets came to a conclusion that this poor girl's injuries were a result from human infliction. Little Mittens was hospitalized and had two separate...Read More

Ruby and Twinkle

Ruby and Twinkle and Tinky were three tiny kittens dumped at our county garage.  They had bad upper respiratory infections, were starving and just in terrible shape.   Six weeks in isolation at our vet clinic, in intensive care, paid off.   Except for little Tinky.  He was so weak that he passed away.   Twinkle was near death, but rallied.   Beautiful Calico, Ruby, lost an eye due to infection.Now, both Ruby and Twinkle are healthy and happy and they just got...Read More


In these first photos you can see the absolute terror on little Sebastian's face, he just barley survived being thrown in a lake by the woman who was supposed to love him.He was only a four month old little boy when he was witnessed by two passing runners being violently flung in to a lake and left for dead by his owner. This sweet boy had yet to truly live, but he had already had a very near brush with death were it not for the passersby. Not only did he have to heal mentally from that...Read More


Sweet baby Kelso was found wallowing away in a shelter kennel with TWO broken legs, unable to move or play or do anything without extreme pain. And now? Now he's facing possible amputation. How does a little puppy end up with two fractured legs? Did humans do this to him? Was he hit by a speeding vehicle? We don't know many things about Kelso's past but we know for a fact that it was filled with some sort of horror that left him shattered physically and emotionally. Thankfully,...Read More

Sweet Old Girl Gets Brand New Take On Life

When Betty White's elderly owner was admitted to the hospital, family members let Betty into the yard before they left her owner's home and forgot she was outside when they left. Unfortunately, Betty White got out of the yard but a Good Samaritan found her in a hotel parking lot over 13 miles away! The rescuer could not hold on to her and identified that she was in need of extensive medical care. They reached out for help and Save An Angel stepped up. Sadly, Betty White had an...Read More

Baby Levin

Baby Levin was screaming as loud as she could for hours, hoping that someone would hear her and come save her.When passers heard her cries coming from a huge field, they dropped to the floor, and started searching the ground for her. Hours passed and finally, a rescuer stumbled upon her tiny body. She did not look good in the slightest. It's unclear as to how she ended up where she was, but that was the last thing on her rescuer's mind. Her health was the most important. She was rushed...Read More

Mira Got Her Miracle!

After weeks of living on the streets, Mira wandered into a stranger's yard, shivering and having trouble breathingThe moment the homeowners saw her, they knew she needed help. They reached out to Jersey Pits Rescue who rushed to Mira's aid. The poor girl was covered in scars and tumors. She was freezing and close to exhaustion when they got to her. And they saw just how her body told such a sad story of neglect and abuse. Even her teeth, they found, were intentionally filed down - no...Read More

Tyler The Brave Beat The Odds Against Him

What type of disgusting monster intentionally sets a puppy on fire, and then leaves him on the street to suffer and die alone? Tyler's story is disturbing, but awareness is the key to uniting for change and the prevention of suffering. Months ago, Tyler, along with another dog, was set on fire. Jersey Pits Rescue suspects with a blowtorch in order to be separated during a fight. He was then found by a Good Samaritan on the streets, where he was bleeding, burned, covered in puncture wounds,...Read More

Sweet Pea

Lonely, mange ridden, and desperate...Until now!!!To put it lightly, Sweet Pea had a rough beginning. She came to us covered in sarcoptic mange, with next to no teeth and heartworm positive. You can see from the before photos the neglect and apathy of the previous owners knew no bounds. The future looked bleak and uncertain, but that didn't dampen her gentle spirit.  After clearly being used and abused for puppies she would never have the joy of raising, who would have guessed that a...Read More

Chucky Finster

Chucky has lived Through a waking nightmare, his family that should've loved and, cared for him decided instead to make him into their own brutal experiment. Chucky was taken away from a family after reports that they kept him locked in their basement. They did not provide this sweet boy with food or water, and would periodically mercilessly beat him. It was for their pleasure, their sick experiment to see how long it would take for poor Chucky to die. He had no voice left, he...Read More


Poor Waylon was found abandoned on the side of the road, most likely left to die because of his paralysis, and horrible condition.Judging by his bedsores, urine stains, and drag sores, it's very obvious he was severely neglected and then dumped so that no one would know what monster allowed those injuries to happen to him. Waylon went straight to the vet, to receive all the care they could possibly give him. His first round of treatment was medications for pain and to fight off infection,...Read More


Great Lakes Boxer Rescue saved Moose when he was at the brink of death. Upon intake, he only weighed 25 pounds, he couldn't stand or hold his head up on his own, he was constantly vomiting up everything he tried to eat, and his chances at survival were changing by the hour. He had been starved for so long that his entire body was shutting down. Moose's journey had to be taken day by day. But one good day turned into two, and eventually they were all good days. With the help of...Read More

The Journey of Winter, The Deaf Rescue Puppy

To his family, this deaf puppy was considered to be useless and invaluable because he couldn't hunt. They actually wanted to shoot him because of his inability to hear. Can you imagine your family calling you worthless or wanting to kill you? Over something you couldn't control?  When Misfit Hounds first heard of what Winter's family wanted to do to him, they immediately rushed to save him before it was too late. He was so skinny when they picked him up, so very skinny. It...Read More


Frankie was just a tiny puppy that was found on the side of the road abandoned, and crying out in pain from a severe facial injury."Bullies-N-Beyond" stepped up and, rescued poor Frankie. He was only 6 weeks old, and has already been through something traumatic that left him with a terrible injury. His entire lower jaw was degloved and he had a fracture to his upper jaw. He was rushed to surgery with hopes of easing his pain. He hadn't even begun to live, and had already experienced...Read More

Viking Was Knocking On Death's Door

Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue was alerted to this poor dog after he was viciously attacked. He was being used a guard dog in a tow yard in the Inland Empire when his owner surrendered him. He had a large open gash on his throat and on his face and he was barely hanging onto life. Rescuers didn't know for sure what the cause of his wounds were but they appeared to be most likely inflicted by humans.Viking was in extreme pain and so defeated, he couldn't even stand on his own. He was...Read More


When Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League took Miska in, her body was limp, and she was just moments away from losing her fight with Parvo. She was in emergency vet care for weeks. There were numerous times that her rescuers thought she wouldn't make it, but Miska proved time and time again that she had an incredibly strong will to live. No matter how tired she was, she always managed to wag her tail at even the slightest bit of human affection. But as the days went on, Miska got...Read More

Noah's Journey To Happiness

Noah had been beaten and abused and failed by so many people. Apparently, he was being abused by locals because they assumed his skin condition was contagious - and they felt he must pay for it.  When rescuers from The Good Shelter, a partner organization to Pathway to Hope, were alerted to Noah's story, they knew they had to do something. They set out to rescue him in the rural area he was in (near Russia) and luckily found him before anyone could take his life away. Again,...Read More

Arrow's Life Finally Pointing In The Right Direction

When this little puppy was brought into the shelter with a horrific injury to his face, shelter staff immediately reached out to rescue for assistance. The level of cruelty that was imposed on this baby is unforgivable and our hearts break thinking about what he went through before coming to us.It was determined that this eight week old boy was brutally kicked in the face, leaving him with substantial injuries that could affect him for the rest of his life. Why someone would would do something...Read More


Button was found as a stray in the heartbreaking condition, neglected and unloved her entire short life.After being found she was rushed to the vet Vet to receive medical care for her badly ulcerated eyes, as well as get examined for anything else that could possible be hurting this sweet girl. Immediately the vet knew sutures needed to be placed in both eyes due to entropian. It was a long hard road toward recovery for sweet Button, but With your support, and love she was able to heal and get...Read More

Mr. TeddyBear

They say it takes a village, but to actually SEE the village jump into action and band behind our sweet Mr. Teddy Bear is something entirely different. Teddy was rescued from the streets of Houston's 5th Ward, just a couple of months ago. He was potted by an amazing samaritan who upon seeing him dedicated hours and days to his rescue. She contacted Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward and immediately rushed Mr. TeddyBear to the ER, where he was taken into his first surgery to remove the...Read More


When Yoda was found trudging down the road, his swollen head was slunk so low that it was almost dragging against the asphalt. It was midnight, and his chances at surviving the cold night were slim. A volunteer at Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League named Alexis made it her mission to do whatever it took to save poor Yoda. Alexis drove across town every day for 2 weeks to visit Yoda at the vet. He underwent weeks of treatment. But with the amazing support of the doctors, his...Read More


Found behind a lonely warehouse, lying in a pool of her own blood after being shot in the face, Pearl was on the verge of deathRushed to the hospital, weak and bloodied, she underwent emergency surgery to have the metal bullet removed from her soft palate. She's also had to have a feeding tube placed, due to the trauma the shot caused. She was hospitalized for her injuries and in the care of a wonderful medical team, who worked day and night to save her life and keep her pain at...Read More

Bait Dog Spent Months Rehabilitating His Body and Soul

When I Stand With My Pack was contacted about a dog that was found surrounded by trash on a side of the road in Tijuana, Mexico, they knew they couldn't turn their back. This poor boy had been severely attacked and seriously wounded, drawing the conclusion that he was used as a bait dog. Due to low resources and too many dogs that need help, a plea was sent out to help and ISWMP answered. He was immediately hospitalized and spent days in the hospital, being no where near out of the...Read More


After she was born with a non-functioning front le, no bone structure, and zero muscle mass, Bella's owners decided to heartlessly dump her in a dirty alley. Weeks old and without shelter, Bella was left to frightfully fend for herself on the streets of Honduras. That is, until Roatan Rescue stepped in. They provided her with the basic care she needed to thrive and turned her into an entirely new puppy in just a week's time. To encourage growth and strength, her rescue had her...Read More


This poor cat was found in the middle of the road after suffering the most unspeakable cruelty one could imagine.Genos was found by Protect Me Albania unable to move in the middle of the road. Despite being on lockdown enforced by martial law in Albania, rescuers could not leave this sweet boy after seeing his heartbreaking injuries. There was no one around where Genos was found, but after taking a closer look at his injuries doctors believe that this poor boy had his legs purposely broken and...Read More


Blair was just a young kitten, left completely alone to navigate through the trying life of a stray. But as her vision rapidly began to deteriorate, and her eyes became more and more infected, her chances at surviving on the streets were slim to none. But her story was re-written by The Kindle and Clowder Institute for Wayward Felines. Thanks to her rescuers, and her huge base of CUDDLY supporters' wishlist and monetary donations, Blaire had her surgery to remove both of her eyes, and...Read More


When Thomas was first discovered, he was so starved and so weak, that he was eating the remains of a dead dog to stay alive. Rescuers noted that he smelled of death when they picked him up and he could barely stand he was so weak. The worse part? Thomas was only 8 months old. He was just a baby and yet, was covered in mange and open, infected sores that made even the simplest movements painful. He was taken to the hospital where he remained for a matter of days, just getting the fluids he...Read More

Fairytale Ending For 9lb Girl Covered In Burns

Taking one look at Queeny's poor body will bring tears to your eyes. This 9lb girl was the victim of some kind of horrific abuse, resulting in chemical burns covering 80% of her tiny body.Queeny was rescued from the Long Beach Animal Shelter and brought into Live Love Animal Rescue's care. She was only two years old and was suffering from a variety of serious medical issues including multiple fractures to her rear left leg, severely damaged eyes causing blindness, and chemical burns...Read More


Words cannot accurately describe the condition sweet Ferngully was found in, barely alive, fighting to pull herself across a stranger's lawn in search of help.This 1-year-old Husky was brought into the shelter after being discovered on stranger's lawn by a lawn care company. She had to literally be scraped off of the ground, we don't know if she was dumped there or if she crawled with the little strength she had left in her. Ferngully was a devastating 11 pounds when she first came...Read More

The World Is At Penny's Feet Now

Rescuers had sponsored to spay Penny for a family back in 2014 and sent her off with the best wishes. Little did they know, they would meet her again 6 years later - only under horrible circumstances. Rescuers have no idea what happened to Penny's family or what her life has consisted of since they saw her last, but they never would have expected to find her roaming the streets, alone and freezing, with both her hind legs completely shattered. She had tibia fractures, crushed tarsus...Read More

MacTavish's Faith In Humanity Has Been Restored

When 14-year-old MacTavish found himself in the care of his owner's friend after they had moved away and left him, he was in trouble. Despite promising his owner's that he would be loved and cared for, this 'friend' neglected MacTavish on a daily basis and allowed his fur to matt so severely that his skin bled. Then, he abandoned him. He cried out as he moved, the matted hair pulling tighter against his soft flesh, but no one helped him. Not until, Umbrella of Hope that is....Read More

Saidi's Ultimate Win

Saidi's story is not for the faint of heart, but it does deserve to be heard. Found with her skin burning off and her feet wrapped in duct-tape, it's suspected that Saidi's previous owners attempted to treat her ear infection with gasoline or some kind of caustic chemical and then tied her legs to keep her from scratching the burn. Taken in almost immediately by Umbrella of Hope, Saidi was brought in for a medical evaluation to have her wounds cleaned, debrided, and treated....Read More


There are really no words to describe the nightmarish condition that Foster was first rescued in.He was found bloodied, barely breathing, and succumbing to multiple bite wounds spanning the entirety of his body and face. ALL four legs had to be wrapped, some put in casts, and remained in critical condition in the ER for days.Houston K-911 stepped up immediately to get this poor boy the emergency medical care that he so desperately needed multiple surgeries, hourly bandage changes, and lots of...Read More


Seven was just a baby when she was found laying helpless on the ground, her body deteriorating while she clung to what little life she had left. She had gradually grown too weak to cry out for help, so she just lay silent on the ground in the sweltering heat, waiting for her short time on this Earth to come to an end. Her femur had been snapped in half, sending the shattered bone through her skin.Thankfully, Seven did not lose her fight. She was taken in by a good Samaritan, who then...Read More


Blade's happy life changed in the blink of an eye when he was struck by a car and both of his back legs were shattered. His owner did not have the means to provide surgery or aftercare, so he made the decision to surrender Blade to the clinic.The Veterinary staff reached out to "St Francis Farm Animal Sanctuary" for help, pleading that they give him a chance. Without a skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeon, the clinic could only offer to end his life humanely. Seeing a young...Read More

Willow & Ash

Thank you to The Animal Pad for saving sweet Mama Willow, as well as her then-unborn baby Ash. For those of you who may remember this precious lady, Willow came to rescuers from across the border. She was found in Mexico, lying on the side of the road atop a bed of foxtails. She was tremendously underweight; so emaciated that rescuers couldn't even tell she was pregnant. But she was VERY pregnant, so much so that she actually went into labor just days after coming into rescue. But...Read More


Alastor's case made us feel about as defeated as he looked when he was first rescued by Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation. His sad, disgusting life of misery was written in the cuts and scars all over his face. He was covered in wounds; old ones, new ones, infected ones, and sadly, permanent ones. Alastor is a survivor of a dog fighting ring. Alastor's recovery was far from easy. He had to fight every single day; from the surgery to remove his leg, to the hours upon hours of...Read More


Lucy was a two year old mom who was an emaciated and severely dehydrated pup who had a litter of 10 vulnerable and sick puppies at a kill shelter in Sonora, Mexico. Sadly, all 10 puppies died due to complications from heat strokes, leaving poor Lucy alone and without her babies. Lucy was on the brink of death and had lost the companionship and special bond with her puppies. Her story was tragic and heartbreaking but it did not stop there. Lucy was a fighter, she was placed on an extensive...Read More


Fozdoka was one of our very first rescues from Egypt. When we first learned of her story we were horrified as to what she had been through. Someone had set her on fire and burned all of her body. She spent months and months in the hospital getting intensive burn care that was extremely painful. Throughout it all she was such a happy puppy who always wagged her tail when you went to visit her. Finally after 9 months of treatment, Fozdoka made her way to Toronto Canada, where she now has her very...Read More


Oatmeal was a 13-week old puppy that had been found outside of Antioch Animal Services after being stuffed in a box and dumped by their front door. Her arm was shaved as if she had had a recent IV, so they called the local emergency animal hospital and they DID have a record of a patient who had come in the night before with head trauma. According to the owner, she ran into a step. But according to our vet, this would have been impossible. This dog has suffered SEVERE head trauma. This dog...Read More

Burch Adopted By His Own Doctor

Burch was in the fight of his life when his temperature spiked to 104 and his belly swelled three times its normal size. By the time rescuers were made aware of Burch's condition, he was already in this critical condition. They picked him up as soon as they could and brought him to the hospital where he was sedated as soon as possible to have his stomach drained and tested.He's incredibly uncomfortable and while he has tested negative for heartworms, doctors are suspecting that he may...Read More


No one can imagine the fear, and pain Maya was living with, because no one is quite sure of exactly how her stomach was so grotesquely split open, but somehow she made it in to  the care of "Protect Me Albania" and they immediately began giving her the emergency medical care she so desperately needed.Maya was found as a stray, laying on the ground crying out in pain from a severe abdominal wound. Either someone cut her open or she was attacked by another animal, and left with that...Read More


Before getting to those at Key to Lion's Heart Rescue, this beautiful lady found herself in an overcrowded shelter, after somehow ending up on the streets. For the entirety of Cleopatra's 5-day "stray hold," Cleopatra hid in the back of the shelter kennel. She was so terrified and utterly withdrawn, that for the most part, all this poor girl could do was bury her face into the wall. She cowered at anything and everything, even her food bowl. Sadly, Cleopatra was a high-risk of...Read More

Scotty Is Living A Life of Love Now

A few months ago, Scotty was brought into Animal Control by a human who was parading as a 'good samaritan'. Only after rescuers assessed the gruesome, human-induced injuries that Scotty was suffering from did this 'good samaritan' admit that he was Scotty's owner.Not wanting Scotty to suffer another moment, Hounds in Pounds stepped in to take over ownership of Scotty and get him the care that he needed. As you can see from his photos, Scotty's bone was completely exposed...Read More


April was a victim of a senseless act of violence that will have devastating and life long affects on this poor puppy's health and well being. One afternoon, April was napping on the lawn outside of her home in Mexico when two strangers walking by poured scalding hot liquid on her. Not only did they watch as the scorching liquid burned every inch of her body, but they also video taped it.Tragically, April sat in agony for four long, agonizing days before she was taken to get help. When...Read More

Bubba (Splash)

Bubba (formerly known as Splash) was one of those cases that absolutely shattered our hearts into pieces. He was suffering in the most unthinkable ways, he had extreme untreated mange and was suffering from a severe head trauma.Today, you would not even recognize him. His fur has grown back, he is no longer swollen and looks like the happy pup that he is! Thanks to Animal Charity Of Ohio and his incredible CUDDLY donors, Bubba is THRIVING. Bubba's recovery journey was a difficult and long...Read More


So many rescue pets are discarded in shelter, or on the streets left by owners who didn't have enough compassion to care for anything other than themselves, but there are some who take it a step further and literally dump live pets in the garbage with no regard for their lives.Waldo was owned by such a monster, a homeless person claims to have found little Waldo in the dumpster thrown away with the trash. To start, Waldo's muzzle was tied and sealed SHUT so hard by a piece of rope that...Read More


Vana is truly a miracle and it is so hard to believe how she went from a broken dog with an unimaginable injury to a happy and beautiful girl. Vana was rescued from the streets of Cairo Egypt with a rope embedded so deep in her neck that we had to have it surgically removed. Her head and face was so swollen from months and months of build up. I cannot even imagine the pain she was going through. Vana had to have multiple surgeries and she was on a very long treatment of antibiotics and anti...Read More

Polly Pocket & Beanie Baby

Ready for Some Feel-Good News? Not long before these two were born, their Mama found herself abandoned in West Virginia, just as the pandemic got serious. Thankfully, she was found by rescuers of Operation Git-Meow, and not long after coming to rescue, gave birth to a whopping total of 6 kittens.All seemed fine and dandy, until these two Polly Pocket and Beanie Babie fell gravely ill. They became severely lethargic and unresponsive; neither had much of an appetite - and what little they...Read More